It is true that candidates with disabilities who are taking the CELPIP exam can request accommodations. All test takers will have an equal opportunity to exhibit their command of the English language thanks to these accommodations.

Among the accommodations offered are:

  • Additional time: If a test-taker with a disability needs more time to finish the exam, they can ask for it.
  • Braille: Those who are blind can ask to take the test in this format.
  • Those who are hard of hearing or deaf might request sign language interpretation during the exam.
  • With the aid of assistive technology, such as screen readers or magnifiers, test-takers with disabilities can take the exam.

Test takers must speak with CELPIP directly and present proof of their handicap in order to obtain adjustments. Information on the disability and how it affects the test-ability taker’s to take the exam should be included in the documentation.