The CELPIP tests come in two varieties: Celpip-General and Celpip-General-LS. Because they need to be made aware of the distinctions between the two, many people find it difficult to decide between them.  Choosing between Celpip-General and Celpip-General-LS for CELPIP depends upon the individual’s requirements or purpose.

Celpip-GeneralThe standard CELPIP test is known as Celpip-General. It is a computer-based assessment that determines how well non-native English speakers can use English. The four parts of the Celpip-General are speaking, reading, writing, and listening. There are 56 questions on the test, which lasts approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes.


A modified version of the CELPIP-General test is called CELPIP-General-LS. It is intended for individuals who wish to immigrate to Canada to become citizens or permanent residents. The Celpip-General-LS test is also computer-delivered, but it exclusively assesses speaking and listening abilities in terms of language proficiency. There are 24 questions on the test, which lasts approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes.

So, which one, Celpip-General or Celpip-General-LS, is better?Depending on your particular needs. Choose Celpip-General if you want to apply for a work permit or if you want to study in Canada. Your language proficiency will be assessed on this test in all four areas: speaking, reading, and writing. Also, companies, government agencies, and educational institutions all accept Celpip-General in Canada.

On the other hand, you should select Celpip-General-LS if you intend to apply for Canadian citizenship or permanent residency. Just speaking and listening are assessed on this test to determine your level of language proficiency. It is intended to assess your capacity for regular communication, which is necessary for residing and working in Canada.

In conclusion, both assessments are crucial, but they have different goals. You can speak with an authorised CELPIP test centre or an immigration adviser if you’re still unsure about which test to take. They will advise you based on your particular needs and assist you in reaching a conclusion.