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Who cannot apply to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)?

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, better known as MPNP is not for all. Provincial authorities have barred a few special cases from applying under this program. Before you initiate the process via EOI, you must go through the list provided below to avoid any problems in future, because this may lead to a complete ban for you for as long as 2 years. 

Who cannot apply to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)?

Here is the list of those who are not eligible to submit an application to Manitoba’s PNP program:

  1. Refugee claimants: Who are refugee claimants? These are the individuals who have left their native country under unfavourable circumstances and now have reached Canada as refugees. Here it is important to inform you that Canada, just like other countries like the USA, offer a special asylum program to help people who found it difficult to continue at their native places because of difficult situations prevailing there for which their government or rulers are responsible.  So if you have applied for refugee status in Canada, you are not eligible for the MPNP program. 
  2. Federal appeal: Individuals involved in a federal appeal are not eligible for this program as well. Federal Court of Appeal has jurisdiction to hear appeals from judgments of not only of the Tax Court but also the Federal Court of Canada
  3. Removal Process: Individuals undergoing the removal process are not eligible for the MPNP program. What is Removal Process or Removal orders? Removal orders once issued, means you have to leave Canada.  Removal orders are of three types, departure orders, exclusive orders, deportation orders. 
  4. Live-in Caregivers: Actually no new applications are being processed for this program as the Live-in caregiver program is completely closed for any new applicant. So if you live-in caregiver who is currently living in Canada, you are not eligible for the MPNP program. You can find a new employer if you have a work permit or you have to go through the process LMIA only.
  5. Temporary foreign workers: Any individual currently working and residing in a province other than Manitoba, as a temporary foreign worker, is not eligible for the program as per rules. 
  6. Spouses of Canadian citizens: If you are married to a Canadian citizen, you are not eligible for this program.
  7. Spouses of Canadian permanent residents: Just as the case with a Canadian citizen, even spouses of Canadian PR are not eligible for this program. 
  8. Refusal cases: If your case has been refused in the last 6 or lesser months, you are not eligible to apply again for the program, especially when you are not able to justify the reasons for refusal from your end. So there is no use in applying for the program your case will not be accepted because you are not eligible on this ground.
  9. Active Immigration application: If you already applied in any other province under a similar program, you are automatically refused or in other words, you are not eligible to apply for this program simultaneously, you must get a decision from one province where you have applied, only after that you will be allowed to apply for MPNP program.

So after going through the above list you will get a fair idea, of whether or not you should apply for Manitoba’s PNP program. For latest updates, you must check with the official website or hire some reputed expert in order to fulfill the requirements, for successfully go through the process.


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