Students are awarded levels in Celpip test that ranges from M, 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 and topmost being the 12th level. All the four sections of CELPIP General and two sections of CELPIP General LS test are given CELPIP Levels according to the performance of the students in the individual test. The four sections are Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Below you may know the test format of all sections:


1. Listening Section: The CELPIP Test can be found in 2 variants: the CELPIP-General Exam as well as the CELPIP-General LS Exam.

The CELPIP-General Evaluation includes four elements Listening, Reading, Writing, speaking, and the CELPIP – General LS Exam includes two elements –  Listening and Speaking only. Know More..


2. Reading Section: Celpip Reading section has four parts. You are given approximately 10 minutes for each part. Total Time Duration is 55-60 minutes. In all parts passages are on the left and answers are on the right. You may use scroll bars to check all the passages and answers. Know More..


3. Writing Section: Celpip writing section is having just 2 parts, that is the minimum number of parts as compared to the other sections of the Celpip Exam. The first task which is 27 minutes will be writing an email and the second task is 26 minutes is your response to a survey. Know More..


4. Speaking Section: Celpip Speaking Section is having a maximum number of parts. As you will notice the time allocated for this section is just 20 minutes, so that means, for each section you will get around 2 minutes. You must keep your eye on the timer. Know More..