Best ways to improve your vocabulary for Celpip exam

improve vocabulary for celpip exam

This article will help you to know about the best way to improve your vocabulary for Celpip Exam. Vocabulary generally develops with age, and act as an important tool for communication and for getting more knowledge.

If people want to be fluent in the some or other language then he or she should have sufficient words to communicate and good command over the language.

There are many ways to improve vocabulary like reading, speaking, reading dictionaries, etc. There are many other ways to improve word power that are:

improve your vocabulary for Celpip exam

Read read and read
Start reading as much as you can. First of all start with the basic stories and comic books. Get a dictionary handy for difficult words. Read again and again till you master them. It is very important to read read and read if you are going to give Celpip Exam. After basic story books get on to some other books having a difficult vocabulary and so on. The basic thing is to read and read a lot many books as possible to get enrich in vocabulary.

Make a list of points that you want to remember
After you finished reading a book, grab one notepad or notebook and start writing important points that you want to remember. Make a list of words with meaning and read whenever it is possible. This way you can have your own pocket dictionary and it can be carried by you anywhere. You can use this list in your daily routine.

Talk to yourself and your family
When you are ready with your list, start talking to yourself about your likings and dislikings. Try to express your feeling to yourself. Ask your family to listen to you and make them understand what you are trying to convey. Make the best use of that vocabulary that you have jotted down in the list.

Usage of the word
Always pay attention to the usage of the word that where to place that word in the context. Whenever you learn a new word try to understand its context and pay more attention to the usage of the word. Listen or read carefully how the word is used correctly and what does that mean in the context to the sentence as this practice plays a major role in Celpip Exam.

Practice practice and practice
When you try to learn a new language one thing you should do is practice the new word again and again. The more you practice more you learn how to use the new word in your daily conversation. Practice is the best method to learn any new language. Try to maintain a notebook or notepad with the listing of words with their meaning and at least make four to five sentences for each word. This is the way that you can learn any language fast.

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Learn to create a picture in mind
Whenever you listen to one particular word or you pick up one word try to connect that word with some picture or create your own imagination for that particular word. In this way, you can learn the most difficult words. Instead of a picture, you can learn the word with a similar meaning.

Always search for new words
Always try to search new words for learning. There are many dictionaries and online material to go through. Keep on searching for something new and best. Try to cover all those difficult words that are a bit difficult to learn and make them in use in your conversation.

Play with words
Learn vocabulary with fun and games. Through scrabbles, puzzles, crossword etc games nobody needs a partner to play you can play on a computer and learn vocabulary in a play way method.

improve your vocabulary for Celpip exam

Test yourself
Try to take your own vocabulary test on daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis.this is the best way to learn vocabulary fast. This way you can evaluate your weaknesses and you can improve it properly.

Small is good
Don’t go for a too long list to learn. Make a small portion for learning. Remembering a few items make a long-lasting impact on your mind. And whereas long list may confuse your mind.

Try to learn the word with opposites

Whenever you learn new word always try to learn its opposites. Because sometimes a person can learn words opposites fast than the word itself. In this way, you can learn two different words at some time. This technique makes you learn fast.

Try to learn fast with music

Every one love music. Theoretically learned things can be forgotten easily whereas words or phrases learned with music can be restored for a long time period. Make a list of words you want to learn and make a poem or a song out of that list and then learn that song or a poem. When you sing a song or poem you try to learn its lyrics. Similarly, if you want to learn a new language the best way is to learn songs.

Make a list of important words

Try to make a list of important words and always revise that list every day on the priority basis. In this way whenever you revise that list you will remember those important words easily. You should be well aware about the Celpip Exam Format.

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Learning a new language should not be a burden for the new learner but learning should be enjoyed. You will find easy while giving your Celpip Exam after doing this practice. With the help of the above methods or techniques learning vocabulary can be much easier and provide learner more and more interest in learning.

Summary on Vocabulary for Celpip Exam:

  1. To speak fluently and confidently, a broader range of vocabulary is required. 
  2. You can improve by starting to read and write news and articles daily. 
  3. For reference, you can use a dictionary. 
  4. Learn to create a picture of the sentence in your mind before writing or speaking. 
  5. Make a note of the essential points. 
  6. Make a habit of learning new words daily.
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