You are currently viewing Canada Tourism: a Delightful Summer Getaway
Canada Tourism: a Delightful Summer Getaway

Canada Tourism: a Delightful Summer Getaway

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Canada is a natural wonder and a lifetime destination for a reason. Travellers, mainly Indians, are noticing the country. Canadian backpackers and tourists live out of suitcases. Canada, the world’s second-largest country, is undervalued by tourists. Canada has some surprising facts.

There are more lakes in Canada than in the rest of the globe combined. Canada’s coastline includes secluded beaches. The community of Churchill in Canada is home to Polar Bears.

Canada is that fantasy, where you may relax in the sun, hike through its lush forests, or get lost in its bustling city life. With few visa restrictions, Canada is a complete vacation.

Indians need Canada visas

Indians have traditionally preferred Canada, but they usually visit family or friends without realizing that Canada has more to see and do than anywhere else.

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Indians can obtain a Canada tourist visa without the lengthy process. If you have an Indian passport, following all the steps would boost your chances of getting a Canada visa.

Let’s explore this wonderful nation from mountain to coast. This Canada travel guide won’t include overrated destinations. We’ll take you on daring road trips in Canada’s backcountry.

Nature in Canada

The second-largest nation has a rich natural heritage. Mountains, glaciers, rainforests, and beaches. Niagara Falls, Ontario’s largest waterfall, is a must-see in Canada. So stunning you’ll want to stop time and stare at it. Heard of Banff? Why not? It’s one of Canada’s top tourist spots. Turquoise water and stunning scenery. Here’s everything beautiful. If you like cosy hotel rooms after a long day out, Tofino is for you! Water-lovers’ heaven.

Wildlife in Canada

Most of the world’s most beautiful animals call Canada home. If you’ve always wanted to witness polar bears, grizzlies, killer whales, or wild moose. After getting your visa, pack your luggage and visit Canada to fulfil your dream holiday.

Churchill on Hudson Bay is one of Canada’s top destinations. The “Bear capital of the world” is this small town.

The Canadian moose, the largest deer, rules the woodlands. The Matane Wildlife Reserve in eastern Quebec has a high moose population.

Cougars are America’s second-largest wild cats. Western Canada’s prairies of south-eastern Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick still have these. British Columbia, a popular ski destination, is also a wolf habitat.

Food in Canada

All Great Cultures Have Diverse and Long-standing Food Traditions. From Nova Scotia’s fishing communities to Quebec’s French influence to Vancouver, BC’s laid-back Pacific Coast lifestyle, moving to Canada means seeing many cultures.

Canada’s local food buffet includes wild salmon and velvety scallops in British Columbia, golden fries with gravy and cheese curds in Québec, and lobster with melted butter in the Maritime provinces.

Let’s just mention the distinctive fish, exquisite cheeses, and fresh, normal fruits and veggies. Tastemakers may not praise Canadian cuisine as they do Italian or French.

City life in Canada

Canada is known for being outdoorsy, but its big cities offer great cultural experiences. With over 140 languages and global influences, Toronto is one of Canada’s most diverse cities. Toronto’s neighbourhoods have diverse histories and cultures. The Hockey Hall of Fame, Metro Zoo, Canada’s Wonderland, and Ontario Science Centre are among Toronto’s main attractions.

Vancouver has the vitality of a modern metropolis and the lure of the great outdoors in any season. Downtown skyscrapers are set against snowy mountain peaks by English Bay’s beaches and Stanley Park’s rainforest. Explore vibrant neighbourhoods, eat street food, walk along the shoreline, and see the seamless blend of nature and the city.

Off-Beaten-Track Activities in Canada

We know the CN Tower, Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Vancouver, and Montreal. British Columbia, the westernmost province, has secluded islands, old settlements, lush rainforests, and stunning parks.

Kootenay Lake

Kootenay Lake, between the Selkirk and Purcell mountain, ranges in British Columbia, is an undiscovered gem. The Ktunaxa have hunted, fished, and gathered in Kootenay Lake for centuries.

The Yukon

A stunning view is usually enough to make a holiday magical. Yukon’s winter northern lights, seen from Whitehorse or Dempster Highway, make it one of Canada’s top tourist destinations.

Saltspring Islands

Salt Spring, founded by the Salish 1st Nation over a millennium ago, is now noted for its farms and galleries. Apples, organic cheese, Canada’s best lamb, and wool are farmed and processed here, while the island’s many artists and crafters organize craft fairs and concerts, earning it a national reputation as an artists’ colony.

“Canada is unmatched in joy and excitement.”  

Canada is a welcoming country for international visitors. You’ll find something new and intriguing whether you’re here for a month or a year. Backpackers spend years in Canada, making lifelong memories. Canada has something for everyone, backpackers or tourists.


  1. Canada has polar bears, cougars, mountains, forests, and beaches.
  2. Wild salmon and lobster are popular Canadian dishes influenced by many civilizations.
  3. Toronto’s diversified neighbourhoods and Vancouver’s city-nature mix offer wonderful outdoor and cultural activities.
  4. Kootenay Lake, the Yukon, and Salt Spring Island are off-the-beaten-path Canadian locations.
  5. Indians can easily get a Canadian tourist visa and should explore beyond visiting relatives and friends to see all Canada has to offer.

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