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Canada's New Express Entry Rules

Canada’s New Express Entry Rules

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Canada’s New Express Entry Rules: Every year thousands of skilled workers around the world move to Canada to start a new life with or without their families on a permanent basis. The main reason to move to Canada is the high paying jobs and better working conditions with better healthcare and one of the best education systems in the world.

Canada is one of few countries which provides many benefits to its permanent residents. They include the public healthcare, education system, legal protection, high standards of living, multiculturalism, better paying jobs with better work conditions.

To move to Canada on a permanent basis, there are many ways. You can apply through the family sponsorship program or you can come to canada as a student and then settle here permanently. Then there are business visas and investor visas.

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You can also apply through the Express Entry program which allows the skilled workers to move on a permanent basis.

Express Entry Program: Express Entry is a program by the Canadian Government for skilled workers around the world who want to migrate to Canada on a permanent basis. It’s an online system. All the applications under Express Entry are submitted online.

There are three programs under express entry. These are

  1. Federal Skilled Workers program FSW
  2. Federal Skilled Trades program FST
  3. Canadian Experience Class CEC

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Applying for Express Entry: It’s a two step process. First you need to create your profile on the official website of IRCC for express entry and submit your passport or a valid travel document, Your language test results and Educational credential assessment report.

In the second step, you receive an Invitation To Apply for Permanent Residence after submitting your profile. When you receive an ITA, you need to provide the additional documents as required by the IRCC. These include reference letters, additional ID documents, Police clearance certificates and medical examination results.

Eligibility for Express Entry

To apply for the Express Entry applications must have required eligibility criterias. To apply for the EE, the candidates should have Valid educational degree, work experience (skilled), Language proficiency either in English or French (French in case of Quebec). Applicants must meet the eligibility criteria for one of the three EE programs: FSW, FST or CEC.

The general eligibility criteria includes:

  1. At least one year of full time experience or equivalent part time experience in a skilled field in the last 10 years.
  2. A minimum score of CLB level 7 in either English or French.
  3. Educational credential assessment of your highest level of degree if not from Canada according to Canadian education standards.

These are the minimum requirements. But having minimum requirements doesn’t mean you can have an ITA. You need a high CRS score (Comprehensive ranking system) to get an ITA. its a point based system and candidates with higher points are selected over candidates with low points.

“Love is like wildflowers_ it’s often found in the most unlikely places.” (18) (1)

As of October 20,2020 there is a change in language proficiency scores. You can get additional points for French skills. If you score NCLC 7 or higher in all four French language skills, then you will get an additional 25 points for CLB 4 or lower in the English language test. And if you scored CLB 5 or higher you will get additional 50 points in your CRS score.

Cost of Application: For a single applicant, the application fees for EE are $2300 CAD and for a Couple $4500 CAD. These include: Language test cost, Educational Credential Assessment cost, biometric cost, government fees, Medical examination fees, and police clearance certificates fees.

You need to submit the fees in the second step of your application i.e. when you get an ITA. If you are applying through a Province Nominee Program, then you also need to submit the PNP fees which are separate from the EE fees.

New rules for Express Entry program: Canadian Government and the department of Immigrations, Refugees and Citizenship Canada make continuous efforts to improve the express Entry program to help the growing needs of Country’s labor market.

With a high demand in the labor market, the IRCC has proposed some changes in the Express Entry program which will be effective from the year 2023. As the demand of the country’s labor market has increased 70% post pandemic, new skilled workers are required to keep the economy steady.

As per the new rules the Invitation To Apply will be issued to the candidates with specific work experience and education or language abilities which will help in the country’s growth and economy. Canada has high job vacancies in the field of education.

The Canadian government is clocking massive changes in the Express entry program just 2 months reopening it post pandemic. If you have special skills required by the Federal Government and have language and educational abilities this is your chance to live your dream of Canadian Life.


  1. Thousands Annual Applicants
  2. Points-Based Selection
  3. Skilled Workers in Demand
  4. ITA for Experience
  5. Optimal Application Time

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