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Celpip Exam Reading Tasks – The CELPIP reading section is comparatively easier as compared to writing and speaking sections because you are provided with answers as options. So, even if you don’t know the right answer, you will get hints from the answer. In case you are running out of time or you are blank about the answer, you have the choice to guess and you may get it right.

The most important thing in reading part is, examiner tries to test your vocabulary. So, you need to be strong in vocabulary part. A huge number of H1B visa holders are also giving this test just to immigrate to Canada as they are facing problem in getting Green Cards. We will advise you to start learning new words to score high in the reading test.

Celpip Exam Reading Tasks takes a maximum time of 55 minutes. Comparatively others test take lesser time, for example, listening part takes 50 minutes, speaking part takes 20 minutes and writing part takes 27 plus 26 that equals to 53 minutes.

In the reading section, there are four parts and one practice test. Each part takes around 10 minutes to complete. Let’s talk about four parts of the reading section.

CELPIP EXAM Reading section begins with practice test better known as practice task, then we have,

Part 1: Reading correspondence
Part 2: Reading to apply a diagram
Part 3: Reading for information
Part 4: Reading for viewpoints.

Practice Task:
The test begins with a practice task, where you are given one passage of around 3-4 lines, around a hundred words passage, which is on the left-hand side of the screen. On the right-hand side, there are questions with options to answer as a dropdown. You may select the right option by left-clicking the mouse. You can select the answer which you think is most appropriate for the given question.

Part 1: Reading correspondence
The practice test is followed by reading part 1, that is, reading correspondence passage is provided on the left-hand side, which is generally in the form of an email. After going through the passage, you are supposed to answer the questions provided on the right-hand side of the passage. Questions are divided into two parts. Part 1 ask questions about your understanding of the content provided in the passage. Part 2 is your response message, from which you decide the most appropriate options by selecting the right option using the left click of the mouse.

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Reading part 2: Reading to apply a diagram
In this section of the reading test, you are provided with few diagrams along with the relevant information on the right-hand side. You are provided with options as per the information on the left-hand side, again you are supposed to choose the best choice from the drop-down menu.

This section is basically the pros and cons section. Each image is provided with information, which is both good and bad in different aspects. Keeping in these pros and cons of all the elements of the question, you need to decide the best answer.

Tips & Tricks: Don’t waste time memorising the content of the question. Just pay attention to the kind of information you are provided with. Better start reading questions after just going through the paragraphs.

CELPIP EXAM : About Reading Tasks

Reading part 3: Reading for information
In this part, informative passage on any random subject is on the left-hand side, and there are around three to four paragraphs which are named as A, B, C, D, the information is provided in these passages. Now on the right-hand side, you are given some statements, which are numbered as 1,2,3, and so on. You are supposed to decide from which paragraph this statement has been derived. Each statement starts with a drop-down menu with five options, named as A, B, C, D, E. Now, as you know there were four paragraphs named as A, B, C, D on the left-hand side, this means, if that particular statement has nothing to do with the paragraphs on the left, then your answer will be E, which depicts none of the given A, B, C, D paragraphs.

Reading part 4: Reading for viewpoints
In this part, there is information provided in three to four paragraphs on the left-hand side, the information basically consists of some different idea or viewpoint about particular subject or activity. And on the right-hand side, there are around 10 questions. Questions are divided into two categories. Category 1, asks questions about the information provided in that particular viewpoint. Category 2, questions are derived from the comments on that particular viewpoint. Again, you are supposed to select the best option from the drop-down menu in each question.


  1. Max time: 55 minutes
  2. Focus on vocabulary
  3. Four reading parts
  4. Practice task included
  5. Extract answers
  6. No memorization
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