About Montreal

Montreal is the second-most populous municipality in Canada and the most populous municipalities in Quebec. Like Toronto, Montreal also has two well-renowned universities, like, Concordia University and McGill University. Montreal has a huge count of foreign students who study in universities or other educational institutes.

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The CELPIP i.e Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program is a general English language proficiency test. This test allows the candidate to prove his proficiency in the English language. This test assesses the candidate precisely in different situations, like, communicating with friends and co-workers, Read More

Which countries accept CELPIP test Score?

The CELPIP Test is exclusively available for Canada. CELPIP contains 33 areas throughout Canada, in every state except Prince Edward Island (the evaluation destinations are unavailable at the 3 Canadian territories Youkon Territory, Nunavut, Northwest Territory). They’ve recently opened new center in Dubai.