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CELPIP Reading Tips for Desired Score

CELPIP Reading Tips for Desired Score

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Celpip Reading Tips: The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) has four parts. These are READING, WRITING, LISTENING and SPEAKING. 

In this topic we will discuss the most effective ways to improve your reading skills. Reading is not a difficult part. It’s very easy if you know the proper method to use while reading. 

In CELPIP the reading is assessed on a certain criteria: coherence, vocabulary, task fulfillment and readability.

Practice Celpip test with Free Samples
Practice Celpip test with Free Samples

These four factors mainly judge the candidate’s reading capabilities. Reading can be prepared through various test materials available online. You can get advanced and latest reading materials from as its an online store specially designed for CELPIP preparation at home. 

To prepare for CELPIP reading, here are some tips which can help you prepare better.

  • Use English in your Daily Life: As you know CELPIP is a generalized english language test to check the proficiency of language. It’s generally a test based on your daily life scenarios. So using more English at home will give you an advantage in tests. 
  • Read and Write in English: To help improve your Reading, another way is to start reading and writing in English. Read newspapers, Magazines, articles, books and novels to improve your readability and speed. Read to improve your speed and comprehension levels. It doesn’t mean you need to read boring books. Read fun books and enjoy your reading. Also try to summarize the articles you are reading and then check your summary with articles to know whether you are right or wrong.
  • Active Learning: Try to get engaged in Active learning. Means you can get the feedback from your family and friends for your reading skills. Involve more people in learning and create an environment of active learning. Help each other and learn from each other. Learning actively with your friends and family will improve your reading skills and will benefit you greatly. 
  • Learn from Video’s: This is the time of the internet. You can find everything online. You can learn from audio visual media by watching the videos for Celpip preparations. There are a lot of online videos to help you prepare. These videos include the experiences of the test takers and experts. You can find these videos on you tube.
  • Do not memorize: CELPIP is not a memory test. So it’s useless to memorize the questions from the sample tests. This test is for your language proficiency not to test your memory skills. Candidates are evaluated based on their reading skills. So read carefully and try to identify the key points of the passage. 
  • Skimming and Scanning method: In reading tests skimming and scanning method is most useful. With skimming and scanning you are not required to read the complete paragraph. Learn to skim and scan. Skim each section to get the general idea and scan using the keywords to find the correct answers to questions. This saves a lot of time in CELPIP to find answers for difficult questions.
  • Build your Vocabulary: building your vocabulary will give you an advantage of understanding your passage more easily. You can understand difficult words easily. Learn synonyms and read books, newspapers and magazines daily to learn new words. However, if you are unable to understand the meaning of some difficult word in CELPIP reading, do not waste time on understanding the meaning of a single word. Get the general idea of the passage and attempt questions.
  • Try to Find the right Answer: Generally there are situations in which you are not able to find the direct answer of a question. In that case do not panic instead, try to choose the answer based on your overall understanding of the passage. Choose the option you think is right or is close to right. As there will be no negative marking, you must attempt all the questions. 
  • Keep track of time: Usually there are 55-60 minutes for the reading section. You must learn to divide your time for each section. The biggest mistake most candidates made is not managing their time properly. Instead of giving your time to one section, divide it according to the requirements in each section of reading. For this you need to practice your reading before the exam. 
  • Check before submitting: Always check your answers before final submission as there are some parts where you are unable to re submit your answer. Sometimes you leave a part and decide to do it later and forget about it. So it’s always necessary to check your answers before submission. 
  • Maintain Relevance: Stick to the passage and Try to find the answer from the passage. If you have knowledge about a certain subject, do not use that to answer in detail. Always find the relevant answers from the passage and keep the additional knowledge to minimum. 
  • Get Professional Guidance: All the points mentioned above can be moe useful if you get help from the professionals. Self study is good but getting pointers from professionals is always better. You can prepare yourself and clear the test but getting help from professionals can help you get a good score. Also you will learn how to manage your time properly. Not only time, the professional training will help you in the skimming and scanning methods. With the latest study materials you can advance your learning. 
  • Practice: CELPIP Reading is not difficult, it’s simple. But sometimes simple things become much harder to pass without practice. So you need to focus on your practice on a daily basis as the saying goes, “slow and steady wins the race”.

These are some tips to improve your reading skills. You can get complete information about CELPIP at 

Hope this Article helps you in getting your reading better. Best wishes for your CELPIP test.

Summary on Celpip Reading

  • Practice on a daily basis.
  • Improve your vocabulary and grammatical structure.
  • Use skimming and scanning. 
  • Track your time and check before submitting the final answer.
  • Get professional guidance to get better results.

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