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difference between ielts and celpip

Celpip vs IELTS: If you are planning to immigrate to Canada, then you should be aware that English language proficiency is a must and difference between IELTS and CELPIP. People of often ask which one is better Celpip vs IELTS. High you score in language proficiency test, your chances will be higher to immigrate to Canada on a fast track.

You have two options for this language proficiency test, either by taking IELTS i.e International English Language Testing System or CELPIP that means Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program. Both of these tests are accepted by Canada for immigration eligibility. Now the question is, which test is best and easy for you?

Below are some of the differences that will help you to make your decision easier to decide if CELPIP vs IELTS suits you better. :

Both of the tests have 4 sections:

Now, the biggest difference in these tests is “Speaking Part”, in IELTS you give a test to a “Human Being” sitting in front of you but in CELPIP you give the test to a “Computer”. This difference is a very big difference, some people find easy to interact with human beings and some people find easy to interact with a computer, this depends on your personality.

There are some dynamic differences also like, if you take IELTS, an examiner will notice your eye contact, your facial expression and your posture as your body language also communicates. It is very important to make eye contact with the person you speak to.

But in CELPIP these things (eye contact, facial expressions, and posture) don’t matter, you can look down and can answer the questions because you are giving the test in front of a computer just by speaking into mike.

So when CELPIP people will listen to your answer, they don’t know what’s your body language or what the clothes you wearing at the time of the test. But if you take the IELTS exam, above mentioned three things are very important that you should keep in mind because IELTS examiner will notice every single thing at the time of your test.

– IELTS has 3 speaking tests of 4 minutes each
– CELPIP has 8 speaking tests of 2 minutes each.
IELTS has a longer duration few tests and CELPIP has a number of tests with shorter time duration.

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The third difference is that in IELTS your test will be in a conversational form like examiner will ask you a different question and you will give an answer, this conversation goes into some real form, whereas, in CELPIP you are the only one who will read the questions on the computer screen and give the answer.

Next difference is of Topics, IELTS has 3 topics i.e General Topic, Specific Topic and Follow up. In General Topic, an examiner can ask you questions about you, your family, your favorite film or your hobbies. Second is a Specific Topic, a card will be given to you have a specific topic, then you have to speak some lines on that particular topic. Next Topic is Follow Up, in this topic examiner will ask you some questions from the answer that you have given in Task 2 i.e Specific Task, so this task will go like a conversation.

Whereas, CELPIP has total 8 topics i.e Giving Advice, Personal Experience, Describe a Picture, Make Predictions, Compare and Persuade, Difficult situation, Giving Opinion and Describe an Unusual Situation. One thing that you should keep in mind that while giving an answer for Topic 8 which is, Describe an Unusual Situation, it is important to use proper vocabulary.

You have two Tasks in IELTS:
Task 1 – A Letter of 150 words
Task 2 – An essay of 250 words

Celpip Vs IELTS

Similarly, CELPIP also has two Tasks:
Task 1 – Writing an email of 150-200 words
Task 2 – Responding to a survey questions of 150-200 words

IELTS has 4 parts in the Listening test: (Time Duration: 30 Minutes)
– Conversation: This part includes listening to a conversation
– Monologue: Monologue means only one person is speaking
– Conversation: This third part is different from Part 1 Conversation, as this includes the conversation between three or four people in a professional context.
– Monologue: It includes speaking to only one person in a professional context.

CELPIP has 6 parts in the Listening test: (Time Duration: 50 Minutes)
– Listening to Problem Solving
– Listening to a conversation
– Listening for information
– Listening to a news item
– Listening to a discussion
– Listening to viewpoints

Lots of people face difficulty in the last point, that is Listening to viewpoints.

IELTS has 40 questions
CELPIP has 38 questions
Time Duration for IELTS and CELPIP is 1 hour.

IELTS and CELPIP are both accepted and approved by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The final score is compared to the CLB i.e Canadian Language Benchmark, which indicates national language standards for recognizing the second language.


  1. CELPIP and IELTS are both accepted by IRCC for Canadian Immigration.
  2. CELPIP is an entirely computer-based test (CBT), while IELTS has CBT and PBT options. 
  3. In the CELPIP test, all modules are completed in a single sitting of three hours.
  4. In IELTS, the speaking module is done separately with manual instructors. 
  5. IELTS has a broader approach, while CELPIP is new and only for Canadian Immigration.

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