Celpip Writing an Email Sample 292:

You are working in a manufacturing unit. Your co-workers harassed you number of times during the work hours.

Write an email to the HR department of your company in about 150-200 words.Your email should do the following things:

1. Who harassed you and their relationship to you
2. When each instance occurred – date, time, and location
3. What tangible evidence do you have of the situation?

Hello John,

Actually, I don’t want to bring this issue to your notice and have tried my level best to solve it on my end only but now things are beyond my control. I am talking about Joe, almost everyone in his team is not happy with him because of his attitude towards the team members.

As most of us come from downtown, and he is living in a posh area, this leads to unbearable discrimination.

Most of the time, he just treats us as if we are not co-workers, we are slaves, who have been working not for the company, but for him only. He keeps on commenting on our standard of living and our food and our clothes and on everything we possess, which makes really hard for us to work under such circumstances.

Celpip Writing an Email Sample

No one dares to complain against him because of fear of losing his job, especially when there are very few jobs left because most of the companies have shut down under prevailing virus related issues. But last Monday, just before we were about to close the shift, he started abusing all of us, for a trivial issue. Everything was recorded on a CCTV camera and you may check the recording of how he was about through a metal rod at one of us.

So just want to inform you that if he is not stopped from his bad behaviour towards the team member, I don’t think we’ll be able to continue work under the given circumstances. You are requested to take the appropriate action at the earliest.



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