Celpip Writing an Email Sample 318

Hygienic condition in your Hostel.

You live in a working women’s hostel. The hygienic conditions in your hostel are very bad. Write a complaint mail to the hostel warden in about 150-200 words. In your mail, Explain:

  • What are the hygienic conditions?
  • What problems are you facing
  • What actions are required?

     Just know about Celpip Writing an Email:

Dear Hostel Warden,

I’m emailing regarding our working women’s hostel’s poor hygiene and sanitation. As a local, I’ve seen the situation worsening daily, and it’s intolerable. Before the problem gets out of hand, please act.

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The hostel is filthy. The bathrooms stink, have clogged drains, and are filthy. Our water supply fluctuates, making basic hygiene difficult. Dirty dishes, utensils, and cooking methods litter the kitchen.

These unsanitary conditions cause me and other residents many issues. Due to a lack of cleaning facilities, the dirty environment is generating health problems and making personal hygiene difficult. The scenario has also increased resident disease, making it hard to focus on work and daily routines.

The matter needs rapid attention. Professional cleaners must clean the hostel’s bathrooms, kitchen, and living areas periodically. To ensure clean water, examine and fix the water supply system. Residents should also be taught how to properly dispose of rubbish and keep the environment clean.

Finally, please address the hostel’s poor hygiene and sanitation immediately. I hope you realize the importance of the issue and act quickly to clean and protect the residents.

Thanks for listening.

Your Name

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