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The Shopping mall Incident.

You went to the shopping mall with your friends. While going in the lift, the lift stopped in the middle, and you and your friends had to wait before being rescued. Write a complaint letter to the mall manager. In your Email Explain:

  • When did the incident occur?
  • How you and your friends suffered.
  • What actions do you want them to take?

   Just know about Celpip Writing an Email:

Dear Mall Manager,

I am writing to express my deep concern and dissatisfaction regarding a distressing incident that occurred at your shopping mall recently. On 28-05-2023, while entering one of the lifts with my friends, we experienced a significant inconvenience when the lift stopped in the middle, forcing us to wait before being rescued.

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Practice Celpip test with Free Samples

I kindly request your immediate attention to this matter and prompt action to ensure the safety and comfort of all visitors.

The incident had a profound impact on me and my friends. We felt fear and helplessness while trapped in the lift, and the lack of communication and information added to our anxiety.

Moreover, the delay disrupted our plans and significantly affected our overall shopping experience.

To prevent future incidents, I urge you to conduct thorough lift inspections, install emergency communication systems, provide staff training on emergency procedures, and establish a swift response mechanism for lift breakdowns. I also request a formal report on the findings and actions taken to prevent recurrence.

Thank you for your immediate attention. I trust that you will prioritize visitor safety and take necessary measures to avoid similar incidents.


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