Celpip Writing an Email Sample 375

You are a part of a charity marathon but want to suggest an alternative.

There was a marathon in your city for a charity, and you were a part of it. Many people wanted to be a part of it, but unfortunately, due to the pandemic gathering of more than 50 people. Write a letter to the charity ambassador suggesting he conduct a charity event online rather than a marathon.

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Why do you feel the online event is more helpful?
  • How would you like to contribute to the charity?

    Just know about Celpip Writing an Email:

Dear Charity Ambassador,

I hope this email finds you well and happy. My name is ABC, and I participated in the recent charity marathon in our city. Your group does great work helping the needy.

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Practice Celpip test with Free Samples

In light of the pandemic, which has reduced charity events to under 50 people, I propose a different strategy. Online charity events may be effective. We can protect participants and engage more people by moving the marathon online.

Online events reach a worldwide audience and attract more participants. It also allows folks who couldn’t run the marathon to participate. Online platforms provide for creative fundraising techniques, making it easier for people to donate.

I would love to help an online charity event succeed. I have experience in social media marketing and event management, and I would gladly volunteer to help with organization, promotion, or any other part. We can establish a virtual marathon that raises finances, awareness, and inspiration worldwide.

I look forward to hearing your opinions on this concept and discussing how to implement it.

With thanks and devotion,

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