Celpip Writing an Email Sample 408

Conference Registration Confirmation for a Professional Event

Confirming registration for a professional conference. In your email, provide details regarding:

  • The conference name and location.
  • The dates and times of the event.
  • Your request for any special session preferences or networking opportunities.

Dear Conference Organizer,

I am writing to confirm my registration for the upcoming professional conference. I am excited to participate in this prestigious event and engage with industry experts. The details of my registration are as follows:

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Practice Celpip test with Free Samples

Conference Name and Location: The conference is titled Environment Conference Name and will take place at Conference Hall 1 in Grand Hotel. I am grateful for the opportunity to attend such a renowned event.

Dates and Times: The conference is scheduled to be held from 31-07-2923 to 02-08-2023. The sessions will commence at 9:00 AM and conclude at 12:00 PM each day. I look forward to the enriching discussions and insightful presentations.

Special Session Preferences and Networking Opportunities: I kindly request to be assigned to Deforestation Effects sessions that align with my professional interests. Additionally, I would greatly appreciate any networking opportunities, such as a designated networking session or a list of registered attendees, to facilitate meaningful connections with industry peers.

Thank you for confirming my registration. I am eagerly counting down the days to the conference and I am excited to gain valuable knowledge and forge new professional relationships.

Should there be any updates or further information regarding the event, please do not hesitate to notify me.

Best regards,

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