Celpip Writing an Email Sample 422

Restaurant Food Complaint

Question Title: Expressing Displeasure About a Restaurant Meal

Email Title: Sharing Feedback About Unsatisfactory Restaurant Experience

  • Details of the restaurant visit: date, time, location.
  • Description of the issue: quality of food, wrong order, etc.
  • Request for resolution: refund, replacement meal, or improvement in service.
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Practice Celpip test with Free Samples

Dear Restaurant Manager,

I hope this email finds you well. I recently dined at your restaurant on 25-08-2023 at around 06:00 PM. While I have enjoyed dining at your establishment in the past, I am writing to express my disappointment regarding my most recent visit.

I ordered Sea Food during my visit, and unfortunately, the quality of the food did not meet the standard I have come to expect from your restaurant. The dish was overcooked, and the overall taste was not up to par. This experience left me quite dissatisfied, especially considering my previous positive experiences at your restaurant.

I understand that occasional lapses can happen, but I wanted to bring this matter to your attention so that the necessary improvements can be made. I believe in the quality of your restaurant and hope that this issue can be addressed promptly.

In light of this unsatisfactory experience, I kindly request either a refund for the meal or a replacement meal during my next visit. I am confident that your team can rectify this situation and restore the confidence I have in your restaurant.

Thank you for taking the time to read my feedback. I look forward to a swift resolution and hope to continue enjoying your culinary offerings in the future.



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