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How do I practice reading for CELPIP?

How do I practice reading for CELPIP?

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How do I practice Reading for CELPIP?: The CELPIP reading module takes 47 to 55 minutes to complete. In the reading module, there are four tasks. Candidates are required to answer questions from the information obtained by reading passages. So How do I practice reading for CELPIP?

The reading section in CELPIP follows the listening test. Like any other reading test, this test measures your English comprehension for written English. Most of the questions in the reading part are MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions).

CELPIP reading module format: The format for the reading module is straightforward. In this section, the passage is on the left side, and the questions with options are on the right side.

You can read passages from the left side and answer questions from the given options on the right side, as these are MCQs.

Practice Celpip test with Free Samples
Practice Celpip test with Free Samples

There are four tasks in the reading module. These tasks mainly represent common day problems and scenarios you face. CELPIP is a test to evaluate your general English level, so the tasks are based on real-life situations in which a person often finds himself.

The four tasks in the reading module are:

Task 1: Reading a Correspondence: The first task in the reading module is Reading Correspondence. In this task, you must answer 11 questions by reading a letter in 11 minutes.

The first half of the questions are about certain details in the letter. Some questions may also include the purpose of the letter and who it is for. These questions may also include questions about relations. For example:

Hi Milly,

I hope you are doing excellent. I received your mail yesterday and was excited that you are coming to Toronto for Family Vacation. It will be a long time after college. I will see you. I am really very happy. You asked about the things to do in Toronto, especially for kids.

I want to upgrade to you that children love animals. To see animals like polar bears and baby animals and hundreds of other creatures, the Toronto Zoo is a must for animal lovers. A deep-sea adventure awaits at Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, and the Bat Cave at the Royal Ontario Museum is a fun way for kids to discover the real stories behind these mysterious creatures.

How is Milly related to Morgan?

  • Friend
  • Sister
  • Colleague
  • Partner

Ripley’s Aquarium is

  • Deep-sea Diving
  • Deep sea photography
  • Deep-sea Aquarium
  • None of the above

This is the longest part and has more questions than the other parts. This part will test your ability to predict answers from the given information.

Task 2: Reading to Apply a Diagram: This task is nine minutes long and has eight questions. As the name suggests you will be given a diagram and you have to find correct answers based on the diagram.

The questions are not all about the diagram but the blanks in an email. Only some information in the diagram applies to the email. You have to choose correct answers based on the diagram related to email.

The email blanks are filled with the information provided in the diagram. For example:

Read the following email message. Complete the email by filling in the blanks.

Subject: Week 6 – Wakey, wakey, shakey!

To: James <>

From: J.K Young <>

Hi, Whanau!

Hopefully, you all abled to stay safe and dry. Remember to check in on neighbours, family, and friends to ensure they are ok after that big shake!

(1) I plan to meet to share many stories for good performance.

(2) start last week’s first day, and if you have some time, we would love for you to join us to help get the show going!

(3) if you have some skills and time, you could donate! whole group will party with us in the last week.

(4) We’re sending

(5) thoughts to those affected by the shakes; stay safe.


  1. all days in Week 9
  2. in the morning on the first day.
  3. on the stage every morning.
  4. week 7 afternoon in the office.


  1. Prepare performance
  2. Whole group+
  3. Playing Party
  4. Dress rehearsals

Task 3: Reading for Information: This task is mainly about matching. In this task, you will have to match the given paragraphs according to the given sentences which have the same information.

There are nine sentences to match. The time for this task is around 10 minutes.

Task 4: Reading for Viewpoints: This is the final task in the reading module. In this task, the candidates will be given an article to read. The article will have two options about the topic. The candidates must choose the best answer according to the given article.

In this task, there will be ten questions and the time limit will be 13 minutes. Candidates are required to answer the first five questions about the article while the last five questions will be about different articles and you need to choose the best answer according to that. This article will be about the comments and reactions of the first.

How do I practice reading for CELPIP

To prepare for CELPIP, one must follow these simple steps:

  1. Read in English. Your reading will improve once you start reading in English. You don’t need to follow any particular study material. You can simply read English newspapers, magazines and other reading material.
  2. Many CELPIP sites provide free sample tests. Before the final test, one should take sample tests to get familiar with the test format. You will also get the simulation of the actual test.
  3. Avoid fixation. As the CELPIP test has time limitations, don’t focus on a single word. Try to get a grasp of the whole passage. Skip the unknown words and try to understand the meaning of the whole sentence.
  4. Keep track of the time. Every section has a time limit. Try to complete the test on time to have time for revision.
  5. Use skimming and scanning methods to save time.
  6. Extract information from the passage. Do not try to memorise it.
  7. Always check your answers before submitting the final answer.
  8. If you cannot find the correct answer, make a guess based on the information you received from the passage.


  1. Improve by Reading English
  2. Practice with Sample Tests
  3. Avoid Fixation on Words
  4. Manage Time Effectively
  5. Use Skimming and Scanning
  6. Extract Information
  7. Double-Check Answers
  8. Make Informed Guesses
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