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Renew my Study Permit

How do I renew my study permit if I am in Canada?

Canada study permit: Canada receives thousands of international students every year. To study in Canada, you need a student permit. So it becomes very important to know How do I renew my study permit if I am in Canada?. Usually, the length of the study permit is the same as your course length, but in some cases when you extend your study program, you are also requires renewing of student permit in Canada. 

 Many students prefer graduate programs while some post-graduate programs. For students with different programs, the study permit duration is also different. 

Why do you need the Renewing of student study permit in Canada:

Many students engage in postgraduate studies after their current studies, some change their program after reaching Canada, and sometimes the duration of these programs is longer than their current study permit.

Also due to some events some international students take longer than usual to complete their study program. In those cases Renewing of a student permit in Canada is required.

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For this purpose, International Students have to apply for an extension of their student permit. There are two programs 

  • Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)
  • Quebec Study Permit Extension

How is Renewing of student permit Canada, done:

Normally when an international student gets a student permit, he will have a 60-day period after his study program ends. If you want the Renewing of student permit in Canada, then you are required to submit the application for an extension. 

The application was submitted to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for extending your stay in Canada on a student permit.

The student permit application must be submitted electronically (if not specified to submit offline). As per the Canadian Government, the temporary residence applications that were submitted within Canada should be through the online medium as an electronic application. 

Along with the temporary residence, the following should be submitted online:

  1. The applications are submitted to IRCC within Canada for an extension of temporary resident status.
  2. The applications are submitted to IRCC within Canada for study or work permits.
  3. The applications are submitted to IRCC within Canada for renewal of the study or work permit.

What should be taken in notice:

If your student permit needs an extension, then you should ensure that you submit your application for an extension of your student permit before your current student permit expires. 

You are authorized to remain in Canada as long as you submit your application for an extension before the expiration of the current status. 

Those students will get the implied status until the decision on your extension application is made also the conditions for the student permit must not have changed.

In case the student permit conditions were changed, then the international students are not eligible for the implied status, and they will have to wait for the final decision until they receive one.

In case you are not able to apply for the extension visa before your current one expires, then you have 90 days before you can apply for the visa restoration from the day your current status expired. 

However if international students are changing their study program or are thinking of transferring to another institute or they want to change the level of their study or they have altered the conditions which are mentioned in their study permit then they are simply not able to extend their study permit. 

These conditions will not simply make you eligible for getting a study permit extension, in these cases you are required to apply for the new study permit. 

Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)

An international student who needs a visa to enter Canada, should be aware of their residency conditions in Canada on a student permit. Most of the students on student permit should be aware that the Temporary Resident Visa will expire with their student permits. 

So while you are on the status of an international student, a separate TRV is not required. The student permit gives the authority to live and participate in study activities in Canada. 

However, if you want to enter or exit Canada on a temporary basis, then you will need a TRV. in that case you are required to renew your Temporary Resident Permit. 

Quebec Study Permit Extension

As the immigration rules in Quebec are different from the rest of Canada, international students are required to have both valid study permits and valid certificat d’acceptation du Québec CAQ. 

In Quebec, if the study permit in Quebec expires and you want to continue your study then you are required to apply for the new CAQ from  Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion (MIDI).


  1. Canada receives thousands of international students every year. 
  2. To study in Canada, you need a student permit. 
  3. Usually, the length of the study permit is the same as your course length.
  4. If you change your course or engage in a new course, then you are required to have a student permit extension.
  5. The application should be submitted before your permit expires.
  6. In case the application is not submitted before then, you have 90 days after your current status expires to apply for the new status.

However, in the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program, the work experience should not be Canadian. It does have the same work time requirements of 12 months, but it can be completed in any country. The part-time work requirements are also the same. 

This makes it a good option for those who don’t have Canadian work experience. This program is based on a ranking system. The point-based Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is used to score the ranks of the applicants automatically based on their eligibility factors. 

This program selects the candidates with the highest ranking, and those who get selected will receive the Invitation To Apply. If a candidate gets selected for FSW, then it is a great pathway for them to permanent residency. 

Provincial Nominee Programs

Every Canadian province has a Nominee program: Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Every PNP has different requirements and works differently. These PNPs are designed to meet the province’s requirements, and there are frequent changes in these PNPs according to the needs of the province. 

In PNPs, some get a preference for studying in a specific province, while some get a preference for having work experience in the province. International students can also apply to the PNP from where they completed their studies. 

Quebec Immigration Options

Quebec has its own immigration programs. Their requirements and immigration system are different from other provinces and territories. But international students can get permanent residency in Quebec under its immigration programs. There are mainly two programs which were specifically designed for international students to get permanent residency.

  1. Quebec Experience Program (PEQ): To be eligible for this program, the student must have completed their studies under a study permit or should be completing their studies within six months in a Quebec study institution. Also, intermediate knowledge of the French language is required. 
  2. Quebec Skilled Worker (QSW): To be eligible for this program, the applicant must have a minimum score on the program’s point assessment grid. Other than this, the study requirements are the same as the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ). Also, the mandatory French language requirements are not necessary for QSW. 

Post-Graduation Work Permits

This program is not a direct program for permanent residency, but it provides a pathway for the same. This program allows international students who have educational credentials from designated learning institutes in Canada to remain in Canada after they complete their studies and work for the Canadian employer of their choice. 

This experience helps you when you are applying for permanent residency under the Canadian Experience Class or under a PNP who needs work experience from a Canadian Employer. 


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