The overall testing period for the CELPIP exam is about three hours and fifteen minutes. It’s crucial to remember that the length of the test can vary slightly depending on the test-degree taker’s of skill and the policies of the testing facility. Yet, the time limit for the CELPIP exam is adequate for the majority of test takers to easily finish each component.

Test Format for the CELPIP Exam

The CELPIP exam has four sections, including Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking, as was previously indicated. Let’s examine each of these elements more closely and what they each consist of.


You are evaluated on your ability to comprehend spoken English in the listening section. It is divided into numerous sections, including news articles, lectures, long talks, and short conversations. You will listen to each tape and select the best response from a selection of options afterwards. The listening portion lasts between 47 and 55 minutes.


Your ability to comprehend written English is evaluated in the Reading section of the exam. Reading passages, ads, and other written material are among its many components. Each section will need you to read it and provide multiple-choice responses based on what you learned. The reading portion lasts roughly 55 to 60 minutes.


Your proficiency in English writing is evaluated in the writing section. There are two tasks in it. You must compose an email for Task 1, but you must write an essay for Task 2. Both assignments will come with prompts, and you’ll have a specific amount of time to finish them. The writing portion takes between 53 and 60 minutes.


Your ability to speak English is evaluated in the Speaking section. It entails a variety of assignments, such as describing an image, offering counsel, and talking about a subject. Each task will come with instructions and a specific amount of time allotted for completion. The Speaking portion lasts for about 15 to 20 minutes.