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How much time do you need to prepare for CELPIP?

How much time do you need to prepare for CELPIP?

Canadian English Language Proficiency Index program (CELPIP) is a test for immigration purposes like Permanent Residency and citizenship. It’s authorized by the Canadian Government for immigration purposes.

CELPIP test has two types: CELPIP General test and CELPIP General LS test. CELPIP General LS test is only available in Canada. It has only two modules: Listening and Speaking. The CELPIP General test has four modules: Listening, Writing, Speaking and Reading.

The duration of the CELPIP General test is 3 hours in a single sitting. And the duration of CELPIP General LS test is 1 hour in a single sitting. CELPIP is a fully computerized test.

CELPIP is basically a generalized English language test. It may sound easy but you will be doing reading that will get tougher with each section. But it doesn’t mean its very hard to take the test. Just prepare for the test on a daily basis and you are all set.

People also ask: Is CELPIP easier than IELTS?

Both celpip and Ielts are language proficiency tests approved by IRCC. both have their own level of difficulties. If you are a person who lives off their life on computer than celpip is the answer for you.

As both have their own difficulty level, you can choose one based on your strengths as celpip has longer speaking and listening sections than ielts.

Is CELPIP exam difficult?

CELPIP is not a difficult exam. It’s more of a generalized English exam to assess your language proficiency.

The CELPIP exam does have a difficulty level but that is just to evaluate your language proficiency levels. It’s not a difficult exam to score. But some people have claimed that they find it easier than IELTS.

Do I need to study for CELPIP?

Yes! You do need to study for your CELPIP exam. You need to improve your english level and understand the concept of the exam if you want to score higher in your CELPIP exam. You can get study materials from celpipstore. An online platform for CELPIP preparation.

It’s better you prepare for your exam on a daily basis rather than trying to finish it all at once. As CELPIP is considered as a generalized english exam its better you start your parepartion on a daily basis by including more of the English in your daily conversations. You can get study materials from , an online platform with a wide range of tests for preparation. You can get the celpip preparation tips from as it has complete information you need to know about celpip.

How long does the CELPIP exam take?

CELPIP exams are fully computerized exams in a single sitting. You don’t have to appear again for a separate speaking test like in IELTS. It takes 3 hours for the CELPIP General exam and 1 hour for the CELPIP General LS exam which is only available in Canada.

How Much time is required for CELPIP preparation?  

This is a question that comes in everyone’s mind when they take the test. Celpip is not a typical or hard core test. It’s basically a test to evaluate your English levels on the standards of Immigrations, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for immigration purposes.

Strategies to prepare for CELPIP: To prepare for CELPIP, the best way is to prepare on a daily basis. It’s not fixed how much time is sufficient for preparation.

It basically depends upon your level of english. If you have a low level of English then you need proper time and training on a daily basis to prepare for CELPIP before you appear in your exam.

If you have a moderate level then you need practice on a daily basis before you appear in your exam.

However if you have a high level of english then also you need to practice before your exam.

As it’s said practice makes a man perfect you need to practice. Daily practice for 20 to 30 minutes is enough to improve your level. You don’t need to spend your time finding the institute for learning CELPIP.

There are online stores where you can find all the study material you need. You can find latest CELPIP exam questions in proper format at A place where you can find all study material on CELPIP including questions from celpip exams.

Along with online practice you should involve more English in your daily life conversations. Start reading. Read Newspapers, various texts and documents on a daily basis to improve your reading. Also this will improve your vocabulary. Start analyzing the material you need.

Skim the articles to extract information. The most important thing in the reading section is to extract the information from the articles. You need to learn the skimming and scanning technique.

For the listening section, focus on specialized events in the section rather than trying to memorize the information. For the writing section, use vocabulary and grammatical structures. Don;t repeat the same words. And as for the Speaking section, focus on your sentence making and vocabulary. Do not worry about your accent and speak at a normal pace.

You can score a good CELPIP level if you prepare on a daily basis slowly and steadily rather than taking it all at once. Wish you all the best for your CELPIP test.


  1. Generalized English test for language proficiency.
  2. Based on daily life scenarios rather than complex english topics.
  3. Prepare on a daily basis for better results.
  4. Prepare all four sections simultaneously.
  5. Use skimming and scanning
  6. Focus on Vocabulary.

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