How to choose the best Immigration Agent for Canada?

how to choose best immigration agent for canada

How to choose the best immigration agent for Canada: Canada is one of the favorite destinations for immigration. People love to move permanently to this peaceful and beautiful country.

Every year a large number of people apply for PR, Permanent Residency of Canada, but very few get their application approved. The main reason for the denial of their applications is hiding of facts or improper presentation of their case. So choosing the right Immigration agent or agency is an important factor.

Here are a few of the important tips, that may help you to decide that how to choose the best immigration agent for Canada and right for you.

Check out Agents Registration number: All the agents working in Canada or any other countries should be registered with their respective authorities to work as an immigration agency or agent.

Therefore the very first thing you must do is check if they are legally authorized by the government or other concerned authorities to work as an agent.

Keep one thing in mind, only the authorized agents can represent their clients in case of any problem or objection that might be raised by the Canadian authorities.


Check out Agents website: All the good agents have their proper website with all the information regarding their services and authority letters.

So you must visit their website before contacting them and check out if they have provided sufficient information about themselves and their services.

How to choose the best Immigration Agent for Canada?

You may find reviews from other clients who may try their services in the past. Only the legitimate and reputed agency will put complete information, along with genuine reviews by their previous clients.

Check out their experience in handling Canadian Cases: Recently a friend of mine, met an immigration agent who has sent thousands of people to Germany, but has hardly sent anyone to Canada.

That means his field or country of speciality and experience is Germany not Canada. You should cross check and find out if your agent or agency is having required experience of sending people to Canada.

Try to get the reference to their previous cases, so that you may talk to them and first-hand information about their experience of filing their case through this particular agency.

Consultancy and service charges: You must visit a few consultants before finalising one for yourself. Compare their consultancy charges, this will give you an idea about the agency itself.

After meeting a few of them, you will have a fair idea about the average service charges. Now if some agents are charging too much or someone asking for lesser but forwarding some tricky proposal, you must think twice before handing over your file to such agents.

Choose Agents or Agencies with an office in Canada: Yes, if you can find someone in Canada, I mean some agent or agency in Canada, this will be the best option for you. There are many reasons why choosing Canadian Agents for immigration, is the best decision. Here are a few of them.

a. Canadian Experience: Canadian Immigration agents are having 100% Canadian experience. Unlike agents in your native country, filling cases for almost all the destinations. Secondly, they will be more updated, as they all are required to pass the proper exam, all of them are regulated by Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).

b. Quality and Service Charges: If you are looking for quality work with speed, and at best price then choose Canadian agencies. You must have seen immigration consultants ask for a huge amount for sending people to Canada and they have no transparency of services or their charges for their services.

They arrange documents for you against the money you pay them without bothering about your case, they try to cheat Canadian authorities. On the other hand Canadian agencies, always charge very reasonable fees and never allow fake documents in your file, thus making your case more strong.

Summary on Immigration Agent for Canada:

  1. Agent Selection Importance
  2. Registered Immigration Agents
  3. Verify Registration Number
  4. Check Experience & Website
  5. Consultation Fee Check

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