How to get job in Canada?

how to get job in canada

This is a big question that how to get job in Canada, especially those looking for part time or students who have a limited number of hours to work.

Similarly, those who are planning to settle in Canada find it difficult to get the right job as per their educational qualification or according to their work experience.

I think we should divide this article into parts, to address the right person asking the same question. Let’s start with students who landed in Canada for higher education.

1. International Students: How to get a Job in Canada? Problem is the employers are looking for consistent workers, I mean those who can work for a long stretch of time for them.

Most of the employers feel, it takes time to adjust and understand the duties of a particular job and if employees leave, after learning, they have to bear losses.

That is why they avoid employing the student because they know students are allowed to work for a limited number of hours in a week.

On the other hand, students are desperate to find a job, because they know they have to manage their fees and other expenses.

On the other hand, some employers are looking for cheap labour, so they engage students illegally on cash, that means off the records.

This is a problem for both of them, because if authorities come to know about it, the student may be deported to their respective country and employer may lose his license to work.

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There is another job scam, some times students are approached by scammers who promise regular job and ask for money, I’ll like to warn all the students in Canada to save themselves from these scammers, no is going to give them a job without an interview and following proper procedure.

Way out: I’ll recommend students to work for the given number of hours, don’t try to fool authorities. Do some research and find a good paying job, most of the time you will find a job in your campus only.

The second way is to contact all the links you have in Canada and request them to find a suitable job for you.

2. How to find a job in Canada from your country?
Most of the immigrants land in Canada without getting a job. On reaching Canada they find it difficult to survive, so they start working with whatever comes easy.

They even do not hesitate to join labour jobs, even though they are qualified for technical jobs. I have a few suggestions for them as under:

1. They should get one Canadian number first. Companies like are offering very reasonable products.

2. Once they have a Canadian number they should get a good CV ready for themselves. Please keep in mind the resume format in Canada is different and always starts with address, followed by work experience and qualification.

3. Contact all the persons known to you in Canada, and pass on your resume. One more important point, many companies are having offices in their native countries and in Canada as well.

So cross check with your present or past employers, if they have one in Canada, this will make things much easier for you.

How to get job in Canada?

3. How to get Job in Canada while working on H1B visa in the USA?
There are around 500k professionals working on H1B visa in America. Most of them are looking forward to getting their green card in the coming years, but sometimes wait is so long that they start losing patience.

Their families back in their native places, never support their idea of leaving the USA and coming back. Canada is a good option for those, but there is another issue, one is how to get a job in Canada and the second one is, how to clear Language proficiency test.

Because of their busy schedule, they are often short of time and can’t find time to prepare for the exam or search for jobs.

For the exam part, we always suggest CELPIP, a 100% Candian proficiency test. For job they should float their CV’s on Canadian job portals, they should contact their friends and other known people residing in Canada and above all, they should check if their company is having an office in Canada.

I have tried my best to answer these big questions and hope this article is helpful for those looking for a job in Canada.


  1. First, find out the procedure for finding a job onshore and offshore.
  2. Prepare your resume according to Canadian employer standards.
  3. Clear the Language proficiency test first to get a job in Canada.
  4. To get a job from offshore, you are required to have an LMIA.
  5. International students should work for the defined hours to avoid exploitation.


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