You are currently viewing Indians are probably going to benefit the most as Canada tries to attract digital talent
Indians are probably going to benefit the most as Canada tries to attract digital talent

Indians are probably going to benefit the most as Canada tries to attract digital talent

It will be possible for H-1B speciality occupation visa holders in the US to apply for Canadian work permits, pursue studies, or find employment opportunities for their accompanying family members through the creation of an open work permit stream.

Next month, Canada will launch a new scheme to entice tech talent, including US citizens on H1B visas, to the nation. 

Since Indian IT workers were responsible for over 75% of the H1B visas given in 2020 and 2021, it is reasonable to assume that they will gain a significant advantage from the program.

Minister Sean Fraser was quoted in a release from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada on Tuesday as stating, With Canada’s first-ever immigration Tech Talent Strategy, we are aiming to attract newcomers who can assist in establishing Canada as a world leader in a number of developing technologies. Our goal is to ensure that Canada remains at the forefront of technological innovation.

At the Collision Conference, a gathering of people working in the digital industry, which took place in Toronto on Tuesday, Fraser presented the nation’s first-ever digital Talent Strategy. Prior to this, he had already announced a number of particular initiatives.

Holders of H-1B specialized occupation visas in the US will have access to an open work permit stream so they can apply for work permits in Canada, enroll their accompanying family members in school, or look for employment opportunities. 

The new three-year work licenses will be made available on July 16. A temporary resident visa with a job or study permit may also be applied for by the spouses and dependents of persons who obtain these permits.

When Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada gets 10,000 applications, the extraordinary measure will end. According to Fraser, this is being started despite the “public narrative around layoffs” that is prevalent in the US, particularly in the tech industry.

For highly trained employees in a few in-demand professions, Canada will also soon offer open work permits for up to five years, as well as for a comparable amount of time for those working for firms the government has selected as supporting the nation’s innovation goals.

According to Fraser, Canada would also try to entice “digital nomads”. As a direct consequence of this change, individuals working for foreign corporations will have the opportunity to continue their employment in Canada for a period of up to six months.

If they decide to take a job offer while they are in Canada, we will provide them permission to remain employed in this country.

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