Is Celpip Easier than IELTS?


is celpip easier than ielts

Well, both exams are having an almost equal level of difficulty, so it is very difficult to understand is Celpip easier than IELTS for PR in Canada as both are designed to check the English proficiency of the candidate. There are a few differences which may be good for some and not that advantageous for others.

Celpip is 100% computer-based test, so for those computer savvy people out there, you will have the upper edge, because it is having addon facilities like spell check, word count check. One more thing if you know how to type, you will be able to finish test comfortably. These days IELTS CD i.e. computer delivered is also available at some test centers.

Study and practice material is available in abundance for IELTS exam, as it was launched many years ago, and training institutes and tutors have prepared good quality exam material in sufficient quantity. On the other hand, CELPIP is a new entrant in the market, therefore students are facing a problem because IELTS training institutes, themselves don’t have access to CELPIP training material. So because of the easy availability of trainers and material, it’s comparatively easier to prepare for the IELTS exam.

In case of IELTS students are supposed to sit for Reading, Writing and Listening exam on the same day, but for speaking test, which is generally in the form of an interview, they need to come on some other day. On the other hand in case of CELPIP, all the four sections are conducted on the same day. Now it’s up to students, which arrangments suit them, some students find it more convenient to appear for all the tests on the same day, whereas others need a break.

Computer-based speaking test in case CELPIP is suitable for those who are introvert and lose confidence while facing actual human beings. Computer-based test in CELPIP needs students to speak and record their views, which are later evaluated for marks.

There are around 8 parts in the CELPIP speaking section, including one practice test. On the other hand there is one interview section with approximately 3 different sections in case of IELTS exam, taken by a human evaluator, who give scores on the basis of live performance of the candidates.

CELPIP is 100% Canadian, so the student may find it easier to score in the listening test, because in case of IELTS, you will Australian, UK, New Zealand, and Canadian native speakers, and students are not able to understand their accent.

Now if you are already in Canada on, let’s say Student Visa, you will find it easier to understand Canadian accent, as you will be used to it, whereas understanding things IELTS are really difficult to non-native candidates.

Price of the CELPIP Test is lesser as compared to IELTS test, but test centers for CELPIP are limited. At present CELPIP is having test centers in Canada, UAE and recently opened a new one in India.

I hope you will find this article useful and will take the right decision for yourself.

Summary on Is Celpip Easier than IELTS?:

  1. Both exams are used to determine the language proficiency of the applicants.
  2. Both tests have certain levels of difficulty.
  3. Each one has an advantage over the other one in some ways.
  4. CELPIP is 100% computerised, while IELTS is a paper-based test. 
  5. IELTS is an old and well-known test as compared to CELPIP. 
  6. CELPIP can be taken on the same day, while IELTS is completed in two, with a speaking test on a different day than the other three modules.
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