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New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP)

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP) 2023: New Brunswick province is situated on the eastern coast of Canada. Its largest in area, among the three Maritime provinces. Here are important facts about New Brunswick :

1. New Brunswick population is 7.71 lacks(2018)

2. The most populous city and capital of New Brunswick is Fredericton.

3. it’s the only province in Canada that is constitutionally bilingual.

4. The French Fry Capital of the world is located in the town of Florenceville-Bristol.

5. The oldest town in New Brunswick is Woodstock which is over 150 years old.

6. Grand Falls Gorge is the largest waterfall in New Brunswick.

7. Amazingly, the second largest peat exporter in the world is New Brunswick.

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP) 2023

Like most of the other Canadian provinces, New Brunswick has two programs for immigration:

1. First one is its own immigration program streams

2. Express entry program

New Brunswick Provincial program targets various streams like :

  1. New Brunswick Express Entry Stream
  2. NBPNP – Entrepreneurial Stream
  3. NBPNP Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream
  4. New Brunswick Skilled Worker Stream
  5. New Brunswick Skilled Worker Stream for Truck Drivers

1. NBPNP – Entrepreneurial Stream: If you are an experienced business owner or if you have required experience as a Senior Manager, then you are eligible for this program. Now only thing required is your willingness to settle and do business in New Brunswick to boost the province’s economy and create new jobs.

Let’s check out other eligibility requirements to qualify for this program:

1. Age: You must be in the age group of 22 to 55 years.

2. Language proficiency: CBL score of 5 is required to qualify for language requirements. So that means you need to be good in all the four sections of Test i.e. Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Good thing you should qualify for either English or French not both of the languages.

3. Funds: You must have a Net worth of CAD $600,000 including CAD $ 300,000 of liquid funds. You must be able to invest at least CAD $250,000 of your funds, to establish a business in New Brunswick.

4. Education qualification: Minimum 2 years of full-time post secondary education is must to qualify for this program after High School.

5. Work Experience: 

(a.) For business owners, a minimum three out of five years of owning and managing experience is required.

(b.) For, Managers, at least five years of experience as a senior manager is required.

The application process for NBPNP – Entrepreneurial Stream: There are 6 simple steps:

Step 1:  EOI(Expression of Interest)

Step 2: ITA( Invitation to apply)

Step 3: Full Application:

Step 4: Nomination Certificate.

Step 5: Permanent Residence Application assessment

Step 6: Landing and business startup.

The first step is to submit EOI form by email to NBPNP and if your file is selected on the basis of scores and Province authorities feel, your business will be useful for the economy of the province, then you will get an invitation to apply letter.

The third step is to submit the full application to NBPNP, after receiving ITA. Once selected you will be asked to deposit CAD $ 100,000 and a signed Business Performance Agreement to receive a nomination from the NBPNP.

Next step is to submit completed application to IRCC, here your application will be assessed to take the final decision on your PR.

Finally, an Entrepreneur will land in New Brunswick and start his business. Now in order to get a refund, you must operate your business for at least one year in the province.

2. NBPNP Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream: This program was developed recently, especially for international students studying in New Brunswick. To qualify for this program, you must have completed at least 2 years of post-graduation, from recognised college or university in New Brunswick. Apart from that you must have started a new business or acquired a running business, subsequently after finishing your studies.

Here are other eligibility requirements to qualify for the New Brunswick Postgraduate Entrepreneurial stream:

1. Age: You must above 22 and less than 40 years of age to qualify for this program.

2. Language proficiency: Canadian Language Benchmark(CLB) score of 7 in speaking, writing, reading, listening for English or French is required.

3. Educational Qualification: You must complete a full-time post-secondary degree or diploma. Part-time or distance learning or compressed academic programs are not eligible for this program.

4. Experience: You must have at least one year, full-time business running experience in New Brunswick. Above all you must 100% owner of this business, to qualify for this program.

Apart from above, you must demonstrate your intentions to settle in New Brunswick.

The application process for NBPNP – Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream: There are 5 steps of the application process, as below:

Step 1: Expression of Interest

Step 2: Invitation to Apply

Step 3: Full Application and Interview

Step 4: Permanent Residence application assessment

Step 5: Report Landing.

3. Skilled workers with employer support: Skilled workers with employer support, is the program designed to help skilled workers from around the world, to live and contribute to the New Brunswick economy. Your application is reviewed by an Immigration officer and selected on the basis of requirements and selection factors. If you fulfil all the eligibility requirements, you have a good chance to get the nomination but it does not guarantee your nomination.

Now a very important point, the decision on your application is always, that means you can not appeal for reconsideration. Yes, you may apply again after 2 years, but you must provide a different reason, means a valid reason why you should be nominated.

On the other hand, if you are nominated, your application is forwarded to CIC. CIC will evaluate your application for permanent residence status. Again getting nomination does not guarantee you PR.

Eligibility requirements for Skilled worker with employee support stream:

1. Age: Your age is assessed as of the day your application is received. You must be between 22 years to 55 years of age to qualify for this program.

2. Language proficiency: You must have sufficient English or French Language ability to do your job duties properly. You are required to have at minimum, a basic language ability.

Scoring for language is based on your ability to speak, read, write English or French language. You will get 9 points, for speaking ability as “Operational command of the language with only occasional inaccuracies”.

Applicant should provide a valid result from the testing agencies below:

1.Celpip-General: Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program

2. (IELTS) General Training: International English Language Testing System

3. Test d’Évaluation de Français (to test proficiency in French).

3. Education qualification: You will provide evidence that you have, at a minimum, been awarded a high school diploma for education completed after junior/middle school and before college, university and other formal training.

4. Job Offer: 
Here are important points regarding your job:
1. You need to demonstrate that you got a job after a proper interview, and the company offering job should be at least 1 year old.
2. You will not have a pre-determined end date of the job.
3. You will be employed on a regular basis with a fixed number of hours in the right occupational group.
4. Required National Occupation Classification(NOC) are:
(i) Skill level O, A, B
(ii) Skill level C, Skill type 1,3, 7, 8,9.
(iii) Skill level D, Skill type 1,3,7,8,9
5. Your employer must demonstrate that no Canadian citizen is available for this particular job.
6. Accommodation, if provided will not be considered as part of the compensation package.
7. You must score a minimum of 50 points in the selection factor, which are calculated as follows:
(i) Age 5 to 10
(ii) Language 4 to 9
(iii) Education 10 to 18
(iv) Adaptability 5 to 15
(v) Work Experience 2 to 10

STEP 1: Submit your application to the NBPNP

STEP 2: The NBPNP will provide written notification of the nomination decision.

STEP 3: Settle in New Brunswick and contact the NBPNP.


CAD $ 250 is the fee charged by NBPNP, which is non-refundable. After attaching fee, submit your application for permanent residence of Canada.

4. Skilled workers with family support: This program is for skilled people who have a close relative residing in New Brunswick. NBPNP made this program possible through an agreement with the Canadian government. You are not required to hire someone to represent you for this program; that means you can apply yourself. Your application is reviewed by the concerned officer and then recommended for nomination.

Your application may not be accepted under the following conditions:

1. If your application is processed under another PNP program.

2. if you have an unresolved humanitarian claim in Canada

3. if you have unresolved refugee claim in Canada

4. If you are prohibited from entering Canada or under removal order in Canada.

5. if you are a temporary foreign worker or international graduate with a work permit.

6. if you are engaged in full-time post-secondary education.

7. if you are live-in caregivers.

Eligibility requirements for New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program:

1. Family supporter: You must be a close relative of the family supporter. You or your spouse must be non-dependent child, brother, sister, niece, nephew, or grandchild of the family supporter.

2. Age: You must be at least 22 year and maximum 50 years of age, as of the day your application for permanent residence is received by NBPNP office.

3. Language skills: You must submit at least one of the following test results :

(i) IELTS with a minimum score of 4.0

(ii) TEF showing proficiency in compréhension écrite, compréhension oral, expression écrite or expression oral

4. Educational qualification: You will provide evidence that you have, at a minimum, You have received an academic degree awarded by a college or university, accredited by the relevant government authority, that required at least three years full-time study

5. You will live and work in New Brunswick

6. You have at least two years of continuous full-time work experience within the last five years, in your intended occupation in New Brunswick.

7. Your job is represented in one of the following National Occupation Classification (NOC) skill levels:

(i) Skill levels O, A, B

(ii) Skill level C, Category 1, 3, 7, 8, 9

(iii) Skill level D, Category 1, 3, 7, 8, 9

8. Funds: You must have a minimum of CAD $ 10000 and CAD $ 2000 for each of the accompanying family members.

Application Process for Skilled worker with family support stream:




NBPNP Processing Fees: You must pay CAD $ 250 processing fees, which is non-refundable. After receiving approval you will pay non-refundable fees to CIC for permanent residence. Apart from this you and your family members will also pay fees for medical examination, police clearance, fees for language testing and also for obtaining the required documents. 


  1. NBPNP: New Brunswick Nomination
  2. Nominates for Permanent Residency
  3. Addresses Labor Market Needs
  4. Welcomes Various Applicants
  5. Enhances PR Chances


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Note: There are frequent changes in the program rules and reqirements for New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program, like eligibility criteria, Language proficiency score, educational qualification required, age criteria and even fees.

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