You are currently viewing Open Work Permit Requirements for the Spouse of a PGWP Holder
Open Work Permit Requirements for the Spouse of a PGWP Holder

Open Work Permit Requirements for the Spouse of a PGWP Holder

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Open Work Permit Requirements for the Spouse of a PGWP Holder: After getting a Post-Graduation Work Permit, many foreign students who study in Canada get jobs there. Many of these people are married, and their partners live in their home country. After getting an Open Work permit, these wives can join their partners in Canada.

In this guide, we’ll talk about how the partners of people with Post-Graduate Work Permits can apply for Open Work Permits.

Post-Graduation Work Permit

A Canadian Post-Graduation Work Permit is a work permit given to foreign students who have graduated from a Canadian College or University. Most of the time, this job permit is good for the same amount of time as the student’s study program, up to a maximum of three years.

Many graduates use this work permit to get useful work experience in Canada and then use that experience to apply for permanent residence through the Canadian Experience Class of Express Entry.

Spouse of a PGWP Holder’s Open Work Permit

An Open Work Permit is a special kind of Canadian work permit that lets the holder work for any Canadian company and in any job in Canada. Before applying for one of these work permits, most foreigners need a job offer from a Canadian company. They don’t have to do this, though, if their husband lives in Canada and has a Post-Graduation Work Permit.

If someone applies for this work permit and gets it, they can come to Canada to be with their wives. They can then work there and make it easier for their partner to pay bills. If the partner works in Canada for at least one year with this work permit, they can apply for a Canada PR Visa and move there.

Open Work Permit Requirements for the Spouse of a PGWP Holder

To be able to apply for an Open Work Permit, people with a PGWP spouse must meet the following special requirements:

  • Have a genuine bond: The person who has a PGWP and their partner must prove that they are married. They can do this by showing their marriage document and other proof that they didn’t get together in order to get this work permit.
  • Admissibility to Canada: The PGWP holder’s spouse must not be inadmissible to Canada. This includes criminal or medical inadmissibility reasons.
  • Legal Status in Canada: If the PGWP holder’s spouse is already living in Canada, they must have a legal temporary resident status, like a visitor visa.
  • Leaving Canada After a short visit: The partner of a person with a PGWP must show that they will leave Canada when their Open Work Permit runs out. They can do this by having a job, having family members who depend on them, or making investments in their home country.
  • Criteria for the PGWP Holder: Before their spouse applies for an open work permit, the person with a PGWP must make sure they meet the following standards.
  • Time staying on the PGWP: When the PGWP holder’s husband applies for an Open Work Permit, the PGWP holder should still have at least 6 months left on their work permit.
  • Types of Jobs: When the PGWP holder’s spouse files for an Open Work Permit, the PGWP holder must be working in Canada in a job that falls into TEER category 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.

Documents required to apply for an open work permit

The open work permit application must have all of the following valid papers:

  • IMM1295 or IMM5710 form filled out, whichever is correct
  • Certificates of marriage and other proof of relationships
  • The applicant’s passport copy
  • Photos of the individual that are passport size
  • Copy of the post-graduation work permit for the spouse

Later, the candidate will also have to give biometrics like fingerprints and a photo. They might also have to go through a medical check.

Open Work Permit Application Processing Time: Times for processing PGWP spouse work permit applications Depending on the country from which the applicant is filing, Open Work Permit applications vary. For example, if you apply from inside Canada, processing your application will take 21 weeks. If you are from a country like India, it takes an average of 8 weeks to finish your application.

How Can the Spouse of a PGWP Holder Apply for an OWP?

People who have a partner with a PGWP can apply for an Open Work Permit by following the steps below:

Check out the guide for your country: The person applying for a work pass must first download and read the guide for their country. This will let them know what forms they need to fill out and send in.

Collect the Required Documents: The application guide should have a list of the papers that the spouse needs to gather and send in with their application. The applicant should start this process as soon as possible, because it can take weeks to get all of these papers together.

Sign up for an IRCC account: The person who wants an Open Work Permit must then make a private account on the online portal for Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Fill out the Forms: The person who wants an Open Work Permit should then fill out the forms online and sign and date them.

Pay the fees and send in the form: The person who wants an Open Work Permit should then pay the application fee before sending in their application. The IRCC will then look at the application and decide what to do with it.


  1. Open Work Privileges.
  2. Marriage Evidence Needed.
  3. No criminal or medical issues.
  4. Departure upon permit expiry.
  5. PGWP Validity of Six months+ is required for the spouse.
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