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Quebec Immigration Programs for Skilled workers 2023

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How easy it is to apply under Quebec Immigration Programs, will be clear to you in the next 5 minutes. Before we jump into the articles, the first thing you should keep in mind is, to learn french if you are planning to immigrate to Quebec.  If you have a good command of English and have managed to score well on the proficiency test, even then you have to learn French. So the mantra for smoothly applying for Quebec Immigration Programs for skilled workers in 2022 is, to begin with, the process by learning french as the first step.

Now let’s check out different Quebec Immigration Programs 

  1. Regular skilled worker program Quebec (RSWP)
  2. Programme de l’expérience québécoise (PEQ – Québec experience program) 
  3. Permanent immigration pilot Program for workers in food  processing
  4. Permanent Immigration Pilot Program for orderlies
  5. Permanent Immigration Pilot Program for workers in the artificial intelligence, information technologies and Visual effects sectors.


1. Regular skilled worker program Quebec (RSWP): This program is open for all, which means if you are not residing in Quebec, even then you can apply for this program. 

This program is simple and easy to apply, the process begins with EOI in Quebec, which means Expression of Interest in immigrating to Quebec, if your information matches the set criteria, you will get an invitation to submit your Permanent selection application, once you apply for the same, and your application is accepted you will get CSQ ie. Quebec Selection Certificate, also known as Certificat de sélection .

Step 1: Expression of Interest (EOI) in immigrating to Quebec
Step 2: Invitation to Submit Application
Step 3: Applying for the Permanent selection Application
Step 4: Processing of application
Step 5: CSQ: Quebec Selection certificate

Quebec Immigration Programs for Skilled workers 2022

Step 1: Expression of Interest (EOI) in immigrating to Quebec:

In almost all the provinces of Canada, the permanent immigration process begins with the Expression of Interest EOI for that particular province. This is not an application, but it’s your data or information that is entered into the database, and you are awarded points on the basis of information like your age, experience etc. and one with the highest score are invited to submit their application for permanent selection. 

The information added as EOI is not considered permanent and often is valid for one or two years and you are supposed to renew EOI information after the given period to be eligible for a permanent application submission call. Let me answer a few of the questions often asked: 

How much do we have to pay for filling EOI Quebec?People often ask about the fee for EOI, and you must know that there are zero fees for the same, and you can do it yourself without paying anything to anyone offering paid services. 

Can we fill out EOI Quebec online?
The answer is yes, you can fill in the required information online and yourself. 

What are the major Conditions for EOI Quebec?
You must be 18 years of age at least, willing to work and stay in Quebec. 

What is the validity period of EOI Quebec?
It is the same as most of the other provinces have, 12 months or full one year. Just keep in mind if you do not get an invitation for permanent application submission in the given time, you will be required to resubmit your details.  

Practice Celpip test with Free Samples
Practice Celpip test with Free Samples

What type of information we are supposed to provide the authorities as EOI Quebec?

Let me list up for you: 

  1. Your personal information including your contact information
  2. Your educational qualification, along with work experience
  3. Status in Quebec, and about your family
  4. Knowledge of French and also knowledge of English.

What is Arrima?
Arrima is a platform where you can create your account to add your information if you wish to immigrate to Quebec especially under the RSWP program. Here is the link, Arrima Platform(Queue-it)

Step 2: Invitation to Submit Application:
As explained in the above step number one, based on the score as per your submitted credentials you will be invited by the provincial immigration department to submit your Permanent Selection Application. 

Expression of interest Bank is the next thing you need to learn about, it’s not a regular bank where you keep your money, rather it’s a data bank. Yes, data bank where data of the applicants is saved to be processed for Immigration. So once you submit your application, your information will be placed in the data bank, and as per your score, will be pulled out for further processes. 

Now if your credentials satisfy the requirement of the Quebec authorities, you will be invited to submit an application for permanent selection. 

People generally ask 

How long it will take for an invitation or when we should expect an invitation?

The answer to the above question is, you can get an invitation anytime, so keep on updating your data, if there is any change and never ever provide wrong information because this will lead to cancellation of your process and even a permanent ban for you to apply for this program again in near future. 

What are the criteria set for Invitation?

Please keep in mind it’s not a lottery scheme for immigration, there are the following criteria set for the process:

  1. Your work experience
  2. Proficiency in the French language
  3. You eduction qualification
  4. Quebec Job Market requirement


No need to tell you again Quebec province is having the majority of French-speaking people, so if you are not good at French don’t think of Quebec. Having good work experience increases your chances of getting entry into the pool.  

Your qualification will add to your score. Yes above all your qualification and experience should match the job market requirements, because authorities expect you to integrate into the provincial job market, that makes sense, right.

Step 3: Applying for the Permanent selection Application

Applying for the permanent selection in the Regular Skilled Worker program of Quebec is the next step after you receive an invitation for the same. 

Now you are supposed to fill out all the required details in the Permanent Selection application form properly and true to the best of your knowledge and submit the completed form. 

Please keep in mind you will be given only 30 days to submit both your form and the required form fees, so try not to cross the deadline, else your form will be considered invalid for the immigration process. 

Is the application form different from EOI form?

Actually, all the information in the EOI form that you have submitted earlier is copied to this application form but yes some additional information for permanent selection is asked for in the application form. Again pay full attention while adding any information, it should be accurate and up to date. 

Do we need to submit any document along with the application form?

Actually, you will be asked to submit documents only after submitting the permanent selection application form. Once submitted your information will be processed and you will get a whole list of documents, as per your information provided, you are supposed to provide all those documents to the authorities. 

What is attestation?

After submitting your selection application, you will be provided with the application to obtain what is called,  an attestation of learning about democratic values and Quebec values. This application of attestation must be filled properly and should be sent to the following address within 60 days, also keep in mind, without this application, your main application will be rejected :

Direction de l’enregistrement et de l’évaluation comparative
Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration
285, rue Notre-Dame Ouest, 4e étage
Montréal (Québec) H2Y 1T8 CANADA

What is the application fees?

Fees vary from time to time but as per the latest information provided principal applicant $844, for a spouse, it’s $181 and for each dependent child it’s the same as a spouse that is $181

Fees are in Canadian dollars and must be paid within 30 days, directly by the applicant or some third party if hired for the application process. 

Can we pay fees online? 

Yes, you can pay fees online using a credit card if your application form of RSWP is submitted online but in any case following payment options are also available. 

  1. Bank draft or Money order by Canada Post. 
  2. Cheque issued by Canadian company or currency exchange broker payable to Minister of Finance of Québec

What is the processing time for the Application?

It’s 6 months, provided your application for up to date and completed in all aspects. This time frame begins after you have submitted your application, along with fees and all required supporting documents. 

What are the possible outcomes of the application?

Two possible outcomes are obviously either your application will be accepted or will be refused, right, but in this case, there is also a third possibility of rejection of your application under the following circumstances:

  1. You miss out on your interview date
  2. You have provided incorrect information 
  3. Your information is misleading and authorities found them to be doubtful

If your application is accepted and authorities feel there is no need for an interview, you may receive information regarding the acceptance of your application, along with the information for further steps required toward Permanent residence. 

On the other hand, your application may also be refused under the following circumstances but you will have a chance to justify and correct the application for reconsideration: 

  1. Mainly applications are refused because proper documents required and asked for are not provided to the authorities.
  2. The second reason may be your qualification or other credentials do not satisfy the required conditions. 

Can we remove or add family members after submitting the application?

Yes, you can add or remove any of your family members, like your spouse or kids even after submission of your application. The idea is to keep the information provided by you, up to date. All the information is added is online and you may have to resubmit and pay the required fees for the same. Please do not forget to add the required documents as per the changes in the application form. 

Can we hire a third party to submit our application?

Yes, you can, but do not expect special treatment if you hire a renowned third party, because some people feel there are better chances of getting approval by applying through professionals. 

Step 4: Processing of application

We have already answered the question that processing of the application takes around 6 months, so you need to be patient and keep updating whatever new is coming up, to boost your chances of acceptance of your application. 

To review all the applications, authorities have developed a system called selection Grid for the Regulars Skilled Worker Program. 

You will be awarded points by the Selection Grid according to various factors like age, work experience, qualification and various other factors which will be explained one by one. In total there are 9 factors that directly affect your overall score. These factors assess your compatibility or you can say your integration into the labour market of Quebec. Please keep in mind every province has different Labor market requirements, you must satisfy the same, to score high and thereby improve your chances of getting Permanent residence status. 

Here are those nine important factors of the Selection Grid: 

  1. Area and Level of your Training
  2. Your Work Experience both full time and part-time
  3. Your age should be between 18 to 42
  4. English and French Language proficiency
  5. Stays in Quebec
  6. Qualification and experience of your spouse
  7. Job offer
  8. Dependent Kids
  9. Financial status.


1. Area and Level of your Training: A minimum level of education required for the program is a diploma that is equivalent to similar courses in Quebec. Your chances of getting points are more in case you have received your certification from University. 

Above all areas of your education should one listed in the training list provided by the Quebec authorities. In some cases even if your education or training is as per listed training, you may have to upgrade by receiving training in Quebec after arriving, but training in Quebec is not applicable to everyone, it’s for exceptional cases only. 

2. Your Work Experience both full time and part-time:  Duration of job, like how many years of experience do you have, is the main criteria for this factor of the Selection grid. More experience you have, the more points you will receive. 

Both regular jobs and internships to obtain diplomas are assessed on the basis of full time and part-time basis. Full time will naturally attract more points. 

Now three important points for work experience assessment are as follows:

The first point is you must have work experience in the 5 years just before you apply for the program, which means, your work experience must be recent only then it will be considered 

The second point is your work experience must be legal in the country where you worked. 

The third and the most important point is your work experience must be in accordance with A, B and C categories of occupation which are clearly defined by the National Occupational Classification better known as NOC.

3. Your age should be between 18 to 42: The minimum age to score some points is 18 years, and the maximum age to score a few points is forty-two. People often ask do we get points after 42, the answer is no, 0 points are awarded under this factor if your age crosses 42. 

4. English and French Language proficiency: A language proficiency test is required to score some points and that is applicable to both English and French Languages. One must clear the test of Language proficiency, even if you are native English or French speaker. Your score bands will decide the points that will be added to your total score. 

Your test results must be recognised by the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Inclusion. If you have not cleared the language proficiency test, you will not be awarded points, but you must mention the same in your application. 

For English, you need a minimum of Level 5 but for French, you must score equivalent to Level 7. For English IELTS scores or Canadian Language Benchmarks better known as CLB scores are considered. 

Another difference is your spouse score of only French Language is considered and you will not be awarded anything for spouse’s English Language proficiency score. So better encourage your spouse to score well in the French language test. 

Last but not least language proficiency points are awarded depending on both oral and written comprehension and expression. This is applicable to both French and English language tests. 

5. Stays in Quebec: Points are awarded for: 

  1. Stays in Quebec for Work
  2. Stays in Quebec  for Study 
  3. Stays in Quebec for Tourism 
  4. Family members including spouse, child, parents, siblings or even grandparents in Quebec

Points criteria are highly influenced by the nature and length of your stay in Quebec. 

6. Qualification and experience of your spouse: Your spouse’s qualification and work experience are equivalent to your own score, which means the criteria is the same, except only Language proficiency tests, where only French is considered for score and 0 points are awarded for English proficiency test score. 

Other factors like age, educational qualification, and experience or area of training are no different from primary applicants. 

7. Job offer: Job offer in the area of demand will help you score high. This is applicable to your spouse as well. You must submit a valid application to the authorities, only then you will be awarded points.

In the case of quebec Ministère de l’Immigration de la Francisation et de l’Intégration, is the authority you should approach for this. They will validate the same only if your job offer satisfies the set criteria, mainly the job should be on the list of in-demand professionals. 

You will initiate the above process only after you or your spouse receives a job offer from the employer. 

8. Dependent Kids: Dependent Kids age and number of your own and your spouse’s dependent kids form the main criteria of assessment. 

Please keep in mind only dependent kids will get PR and also Canadian citizen dependent children accompanying you will also be assessed. 

9. Financial Status: You must prove your capacity for financial self-sufficiency by showing funds as per the number of kids below 18 accompanying you. 

You are required to sign a Financial Self-sufficiency contract and by signing the contract you agree to pay for the needs of yourself and your dependent kids and spouse for at least the next three months. 

As per the latest information available, you should have 

  1. $3371 for one adult and $4943 for two adults if the number of accompanying children under 18 is zero. 
  2. $4530 for one adult and $5537 for two adults if the number of accompanying children under 18 is one.
  3. $5112 for one adult and $5976 for two adults if the number of accompanying children under 18 is two.
  4. $5695 for one adult and $6416 for two adults if the number of accompanying children under 18 is three.


Do we need to appear for any kind of Interview?

In some cases, applicants may have to appear for a personal interview to satisfy an immigration counsellor. Interviews are conducted to verify the information you have added to the application. Although The Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration may also conduct additional verification if required. 

For the date, time and location of the interview you will be informed properly via a notice. You will also be informed regarding the documents that you may have to carry along to prove the authentication of the information provided by you. 

Step 5: CSQ: Quebec Selection certificate

Now if everything goes well after you will get your certificate of selection better known as “Certificat de sélection”. Now next step is very crucial because now you have to apply to the federal government for permanent residence status, which will review your application and award you permanent Candian status. Let’s check out the whole process step by step:

Step 1: You will apply to the federal government
Step 2:  If you have a work permit, that will be renewed
Step 3: Temporary to the permanent status transition process
Step 4: Quebec Integration process will follow Step 3

Step 1: Applying to the Federal government after receiving CSQ:

The government of Canada is the final and supreme authority that decides whether or not to allow any person permanent residence of Canada, so the very first step you need to take after receiving CSQ( Certificat de sélection) is immediately applied for Canadian PR as you have qualified for the same.

As you are selected by the Quebec government as a skilled worker, You mention the same then will submit an application for permanent residence.

The process of submitting an application for permanent residence involves the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your IRCC account or you may create an account if required. You will get all the details after you submit your application, here in this account. For example, your application status and if you need to update your information, you can simply log in and update the same. 

There are two options to sign in: 

Option 1: GCKey. Simply log in using your username and password and access the required status of your application.
Option 2: Sign-in Partner. Here is the list of partners for this program: 

  1. Affinity Credit Union
  2. ATB financial
  3. BMO 
  4. Caisse Alliance
  5. CIBC
  6. Coast Capital
  7. Conexus Credit Union
  8. Desjardins
  9. Libro Credit Union
  10. National Bank
  11. RBC
  12. Scotia Bank
  13. Servus Credit Union
  14. Simpli Financial

2. Before filling out the application you can check out all the forms and guides which are available online. This will help you update correct and right information required by the authorities

3. Next step is to pay your application fees, which is around CAD 50, but for the latest updates, you should visit the official site before depositing the same. One more thing you may also ask for a refund under certain circumstances but for that, you will be asked for required information by the authorities to verify if or not you are eligible for the refund.

Here are common questions asked:

What if I moved to a new address during the application process?

You must update your address or you may lose your document or information. Even authorities can refuse your application if they find your permanent address changed and not updated by you. 

Depending on the place, where you are applying, the process of address change varies. For example, it will be different for those in Canada and those residing outside Canada. Those residing in the USA will have to follow a different process. 

Where to get and submit Police certificates?

To get a police certificate, you need to provide the required information like your address, your fingerprints, your photographs, to the police or you may ask the government for the same. Keep in mind you have to pay a separate fee for the same and don’t confuse this process as a biometrics process, which should be considered a separate process. 

One more thing if you fail to get a police certificate, you must prove that you have applied to the right authorities and also need to explain in detail, the efforts from your end. 

Do we need to give Biometrics?

Yes, you need to give Biometrics along with your application. Biometrics are generally valid for 10 years, but in some cases, you may be asked to give. Yes because of Covid conditions, a few categories are getting exemptions too. So if they have your fingerprint for a visitor visa or for a study visa or for a work permit, your fingerprints will be valid for the next 10 years. 

Step 2:  If you have a work permit, that will be renewed

A valid work permit is required while applying for PR (Permanent Residency) if you have one and also if you are willing to continue working in Quebec on that valid work permit. 

You can renew your work permit without LMIA if you have already received your Quebec CSR, also you are not required to apply for a temporary selection certificate. 

Also after applying for a PR application, you may also obtain BOWP, better known as Bridging Open Work Permit as you have applied under the Quebec Skilled Workers program.

Step 3: Temporary to the permanent status transition process

Now that your status in Canada is transiting from Temporary to Permanent, in this step number three, you need to get your documents updated. Here is the list of documents that must be updated. 

  1. Your Drivers License
  2. Social Insurance Number also called SIN
  3. Your Health Insurance Card.

The first document that needs to be renewed is your driver License. A license to drive issued by your native country or place from where you are moving to Quebec is valid for only 6 months, so you must obtain a drivers license from Quebec’s licensing authorities.

Three steps to Quebec’s driving license are as follows: 

  1. Obtain learning license
  2. Go through the driving course, must pass it.
  3. Finally pass road tests and SAAQ’S Knowledge tests.

The second document you need to obtain is SIN. SIN is a 9 digit number that is required to take advantage of policies and facilities by the government and also this number is a must to even work in Canada. Here’s an important update, production of plastic SIN cards has stopped, so now you will be issued paper SIN only you must keep at a secure place. 

The third document you need to renew or you can say the update of your Health Insurance Card as per your new status. RAMQ is the right authority for the same. RAMQ stands for Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec.
As Quebec has signed an agreement with a few countries and if you are from one of them, for example, they will be covered even when they are on a temporary visit and also they do not have to worry about waiting period for PR, as they are covered under Quebec’s Health Insurance Plan. Here is the list of signatory countries:

  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Greece
  • Luxembourg
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Serbia
  • Sweden

Step 4: Quebec Integration process will follow Step 3

Before you move on to the final step of arriving at one of the airports in Quebec, you need to start the Quebec integration process. The good thing is you may or may not be present in Quebec, yes you read it right, if you are in Quebec, it’s fine, but even if you are in your native country, you can start with the process of Quebec Integration. 

Please follow the steps given below: 

  1. The first step is to register for integration service for immigrants, also known as  Accompagnement Québec. Good thing is that, this program is free, yes you don’t have to pay anything for this. You will get personalised assistance, which means you will get exactly what you seeking for. You will get assistance for learning French, arranging employment for you, and getting an orientation about community life, sum total is you will be updated with all the required information that will help for your settlement in Quebec. Let me answer the most commonly asked question, 

What are the conditions for admission to Accompagnement Québec?

Before you register for an appointment, you must have one of the followings:

  1. CSQ
  2. a Québec Acceptance Certificate
  3. A client number with Immigration or, Refugees or even in case of Citizenship Canada

2. The second step is the “Settle and integrate in Québec” guide. This will help you know about Quebec, for example, about the health system, transportation system, education system, french language, employment, the justice system, even about financial state and much more. 

3. The third step is to learn and improve your French language. The Quebec government offers a large number of online courses for the same. Again a good thing is all these courses are offered free, that means you are not required to pay anything to anyone.  Courses offered are both with tutoring and without tutors means self-study courses. Self-study modules are offered for law, tourism, engineering and even for health and Nursing fields. For the French Language, both self-study and courses with tutoring are available. 

4. The next step is to start the process of obtaining recognition of your competencies acquired abroad. Now, this step is to ensure that the type and level of experience you have obtained in your native country, satisfy the authorities, to ensure, you will be able to get work in Quebec. It is always recommended that you begin the process before you arrive, this will not only save your time but you be assured that you are on the right track of getting PR in the right province. 

5. The last step before you arrive at the airport is to Register for the Québec Emploi service. Gouvernement du Québec online job service is being replaced by Quebec Emploi, which is an online website, helping not only job seekers but also job providers to find the right candidate. 

You can find both full time and part-time jobs here. Even paid internship programs are also displayed here. One can easily search for jobs on the basis of Region or duration of the job or even based on their training level.


  1. French is vital for Quebec immigration.
  2. RSWP process: EOI to CSQ.
  3. RSWP criteria: age, education, experience, language, finances.
  4. Renew licenses, SIN, health insurance.
  5. Free integration services in Quebec.
  6. Recognize foreign qualifications.
  7. Quebec Emploi aids job seekers.

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