Responding to Survey Sample 302

Financial Preferences Survey: A bank is conducting a survey to understand the customers’ preferences regarding banking services. The survey has two options for the respondents to choose from.</p>

Option A: The bank should offer high-interest savings accounts with fees.

Customers have different goals and preferences when it comes to money. Some people care most about getting a lot of interest on their savings, while others care most about avoiding fees. Here’s what you should do about Option A:

Customers who want to grow their savings may be interested in high-interest savings accounts, but I think charging fees for these types of accounts may turn off potential customers. People already have a hard time saving money, and if they have to pay fees to keep their accounts open, they might switch to other banks that offer similar accounts without fees.

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Practice Celpip test with Free Samples


Also, it’s important to remember that the interest you earn might not be enough to make up for the fees the bank charges.

I think that the bank should give savings accounts competitive interest rates and not charge fees. This would bring in more customers and get them to save money, which is good for both the bank and the customers in the long run. Customers and the bank would both benefit from free savings accounts with a reasonable interest rate.

Option B: The bank should offer no-fee checking accounts with lower interest rates.

Option B recommends that the financial institution provide customers with checking accounts that are free of charge and have interest rates that are lower. Customers that place a higher value on ease of access and convenience as opposed to a high rate of return on their funds may be interested in this alternative. 

Customers are able to avoid monthly service charges and other fees that may be connected with standard bank accounts since no-fee checking accounts are offered by the financial institution. 

Customers may also be drawn to the lower interest rates since they offer a consistent and dependable return on their money, which may be another factor that attracts them. 

Customers who would like have their money liquid and easily accessible for day-to-day needs may also find this choice to be to their advantage and find it to be a useful option. 

In general, the client base of the bank has a wide variety of requirements and preferences, which the bank should take into account while developing its product offerings.

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