You are currently viewing Sponsor your Spouse or partner, all about spousal Sponsorship Canada process
Sponsor your Spouse or partner, all about spousal Sponsorship Canada process

Sponsor your Spouse or partner, all about spousal Sponsorship Canada process

Canada offers an opportunity to every Canadian citizen to settle  with their family in Canada and one way for it is a spouse visa to Canada. It falls under the family sponsorship class. The Canadian spousal sponsorship helps or allows the Canadian citizen or the permanent resident to sponsor their spouse, dependent children or common-law partner to stay with them in Canada.

This process takes around 12 months to process the application. The sponsor should be able to provide for the financial needs of a spouse.

To sponsor your spouse or common-law partner, the potential sponsor should sign a legal contract with IRCC. It allows your common-law partner, spouse to become a permanent resident.

Characteristics of Spouse Visa Canada Relationship:

Following are some of the characteristics required for spousal sponsorship Canada though they are married or unmarried:

  • They should have a mutual commitment.
  • They should have an intimate relationship.
  • There should be interdependency over them in all issues.
  • Both should have a permanent and genuine and continuing relationship.
  • Both should care for their children together.

Requirements of Spouse Visa Canada:

  • sponsor should be 18 years of age.
  • Should live in Canada.
  • He or she should not be committed of any violence or sexual offence.
  • They should not be imprisoned.

Dependent Children

With spousal sponsorship, the immigrant also can bring their dependent child who is below 22. The child can take all the benefits given by the government of Canada.

Common-law partners:

A couple has to be in a common-law relationship. The couple also needs to prove their codependency.

Practice Celpip test with Free Samples
Practice Celpip test with Free Samples

The individual who is sponsored through spousal sponsorship under a common-law partner is eligible for an open work permit canada. To be eligible for this application, the applicants must have proof of joint residence for at least two months before applying. Both the persons must meet the same eligibility.

Conjugal Partners:

Couples who cannot marry each other or who cannot live together as common-law partners are known as conjugal partners. The couples must prove that they had been in a serious relationship for at least one year.The applicants must prove that; there is no other option available for them.

This class generally defines the sponsored persons who live in countries where diverse is not possible or where same-sex marriage is not recognised. In other respects, they are similar to common-law partners or married couples.

To be eligible for their applicants has to include supporting documents about their relationship.Both the sponsor and the sponsored person must meet the same eligibility criteria, a spousal class.

Categories of Spousal Sponsorship Canada:

  1. Outland Sponsorship
  2. Inland Sponsorship

1. Outland Sponsorship

They can apply through outland sponsorship,If the sponsored partner is residing outside the Canadian border. Firstly, this application will be received by a processing office in Canada after that it will be transferred to the applicable visa centre abroad for the finalization of the application.

2. Inland Sponsorship

They can apply for inland sponsorship, If the sponsored partner is living together in Canada but on a temporary Canadian status.A person can remain and work in Canada on a temporary status with an open spousal work permit . 

Things to do as a sponsor:

As potential sponsors, they need to sponsor their spouse for 3 years after they land.They provide for their basic needs such as housing and financial support. 

IELTS Requirements:

It’s one of the most important aspects of the immigration process. IELTS is mandatory for all immigration processes. 

Required Documents for a spouse visa to Canada:

  1. Relationship information 
  2. Marriage Certificate
  3. Wedding photos
  4. Birth certificate 
  5. Proof of registration of a marriage.
Required Documents for Spouse Visa to Canada
Required Documents for Spouse Visa to Canada

Any two documents from the following:

  • A Proof that shows you and your spouse own a property together.
  • Shared bank accounts
  • Utility bills with both of your names.
  • Car insurance
  • Copies of government-issued IDS..

For common-law partners have to show relationship status:

  • Joint-bank accounts.
  • Co-ownership of property.
  • Record of cohabitation.
  • Telephonic calls

Open Work Permit:

To apply for an open work permit, the spouse or common-law partner is eligible., the foreign national should be residing in Canada, If applying for an Open Work Permit.

They have to ensure that they meet the eligibility criteria for the program.The procedure for spousal sponsorship open work permit varies depending on the applicant’s status and stage of their permanent residency application.

Requirements for the Open Work Permit:

  • You should have submitted the permanent residence application under the spouse or common-law partner.
  • A sponsorship application should be submitted by a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada .
  • The spouse or common-law partner should have the same address.
  • The spouse or common-law partner should have an approved application for permanent residence in Canada.
Requirement for open work permit
Requirement for open work permit

Sponsorship Agreement:

The potential sponsor should financially support the spouse. The sponsor should sign an undertaking with sponsorship. It ensures that the new permanent resident will not require any assistance from the government of Canada.

The length of the sponsorship agreement depends on the age of the individual, their relationship to the sponsor.

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Citizenship By Investment:

Citizenship by investment is the supreme pathway. All the selected applicants will get direct Citizenship and Passport of the country of their choice. Becoming a citizen gives benefits and freedom more than permanent residents.

Different countries have different investment requirements for citizenship.The applicant and their family receive direct citizenship. The citizenship provision is given permanently. Most of the countries allow dual and multiple citizenships.

Benefits of citizenship by investment:

1) Countless Benefits – Citizenship Investment programs have the maximum benefits even more than the PR holders, such as Social benefits, Right to vote, Hold Public Offices.

2) Quicker Process – Certain pathways can be processed within 3 to 6 months only.

3) Global Mobility – Having a passport (Canada, UK, Australia,etc) can get you visa-free access to other countries.

4) Quality of life – All the countries under Citizenship by Investment offer high living standards, education and healthcare.

5) Protection of Citizens Overseas – All citizens have the provision to seek the help of an Embassy, consulate, or other diplomatic establishments when traveling abroad.

6) Citizenship for the entire family – Under the program, the whole family is eligible for citizenship and it  can be transferred to future generations as well.

7) Business Possibilities – Once obtaining citizenship, applicants can conduct business activities in these countries or they can move to another country for better business possibilities.

Why do you need citizenship by investment?

Obtaining a second citizenship and a passport is much easier and quicker in this. No need to put your lives on hold. If you have a high income, this may offer boundless opportunities to you.There are plenty of reasons to invest in a second passport.

Education: Citizenship status automatically qualifies you as a domestic student.You get access to local world-class colleges and universities at a much smaller tuition fee.

Family: It is a great opportunity to improve the lifestyle of your family members, by giving them access to better quality health care, schools etc.

Visa-free Travel: For eg. Afghani citizens have visa-free access to 20 countries and territories in the world.

Safety and Security: Since the beginning of the 21 century, many countries of the world have experienced political turmoil and unrest. Second citizenship can offer you a “safe haven”.

Business: By obtaining your citizenship through investment, you get a second passport and also become an owner of a business/property. This opens new business opportunities for you.

Taxation: Many countries offer more favourable tax rates, which provides room for tax optimization. In most of the countries, you have to pay tax only for the income earned in that country.

Citizenship application Canada:

Those who are wishing to become a Canadian citizen must first begin by submitting an application to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada . The citizenship test will be passed by the applicants who meet the eligibility requirements.

Applicants under the age of 18 will not be required for the test. In order to be admitted to the exam room, citizen applicants will be required to present themselves with any relevant (original) documentation.

Photocopies are not accepted. Those wishing to obtain to Canadian citizenship must also meet the minimum language requirements and most provide either:

  • A diploma from post-secondary studies in English or French;
  • Language test results from an approved testing agency.
  • Proof of achievement for the Canadian Level Benchmark.

Some applicantss are also required to give an interview. Citizenship applicants who successfully meet all eligibility requirements and pass all tests are required to attend a citizenship ceremony. Then they will receive their certificate of Canadian citizenship . eligibility requirements to become a Canadian citizen:

  • Have lived in Canada for three years. Days physically spent in Canada as a student, visitor, worker or protected person within the last five years.
  • Meet the minimum language requirements. Applicants ages of 18 and 54 will be required to show proof of their language proficiency.
  • Should have a basic knowledge of a Canadian citizen’s rights and responsibilities
  • Must not have a criminal history .

Ineligibility for Citizenship:

  • Not Canadian permanent residents.
  • Cannot provide proof of the minimum residency requirements.
  • Do not meet the minimum language proficiencies.
  • Fail their Canadian citizenship test .
  • Ordered to leave Canada.
  • Convicted of a criminal offence
  • Have citizenship revoked.
  • Are on parole or are in prison.
  • Have been convicted 

How to apply for Citizenship:

Citizenship Application Package:

  • You are 18 years or above.
  • You are a parent applying for a child.
  • You are a minor (below 18 years)
  • Served in the Canadian Armed Forces.
  • Stateless person born to a Canadian parent.
  • Adopted by a Canadian citizen.

Citizenship Application Fees:

Fees have to be paid in Canadian dollars. It is non-refundable. You may use one payment receipt.

Submit your Citizenship Application:

Once you have filled out your application correctly and paid all applicable fees you will be required to submit your application to(CPC-S). If the application is incomplete they will return it.

Citizenship Application Processing Times:

Processing times depend upon, when you submit your complete application.Processing work can take upto 12 months.

Parent sponsorship canada

Who can sponsor their parents or grandparents?

Find out if you meet the income requirements:

Before applying,find out how much money you need to sponsor your parents and grandparents. You have to prove you have this income in your application.

You can sponsor your own parents and grandparents only if:

  • You’re invited to apply.
  • you’re at least 18 years old.
  • You live in Canada.
  • You’re a Canadian citizen or a person registered in Canada.
  • You have enough money to sponsor the people you want.
  • Have to provide your proof of income.
  • You may have a spouse.
  • You meet all other requirements under the immigration act. 

Who can’t sponsor a parent or grandparent:

  • You haven’t been invited to apply.
  • Age less than 18 years old
  • You won’t live in Canada when you apply to be a sponsor.
    • Your primary residential address must be in Canada.
    • You’re a temporary resident.
  • Your permanent residence application is still in process
    • have permanent resident status.
  • Your proff of income shows you don’t have enough money to sponsor the people you want to sponsor.
  • Declared bankruptcy.
  • Receive social assistance for a reason.
  • Convicted of a violent Criminal Offence.
  • If you received a removal order.

Parental sponsorship:

Super Visa work for some families who want to bring their parents to Canada. If you want your parents or grandparents to be able to move to Canada permanently, you can sponsor them.

The parent and grandparent sponsorship program recently switched from a first-come application process to random selection process. This means that Canadian children looking to sponsor their parents or grandparents need to fill out a form telling Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada that they are interested in sponsoring.

Then, IRCC will randomly select 10,000 applications each year. Once an invitation is received, a package has to be submitted within 3 months.

To be eligible to sponsor, you need to show that you meet minimum income requirements to support your relative for a period of three to 20 years. Your sponsored relatives will need to provide personal information for their application and security checks.

As we mentioned earlier that any family members dependent on your parents or grandparents cannot be included in the super visa application. These dependent family members can be included in the sponsorship.The processing time for sponsorship can be lengthy.change in the invitation-based processing system is expected to cut down on the processing time.

How can I bring my parents to Canada?

Apply to bring your parents to Canada as visitors or you can sponsor them. Tparental sponsorships are a lengthy process, so many people will bring their parents to Canada as visitors.

Sponsorship of Parents and Grandparents in 2022


In the second half of 2022 the Sponsorship of Parents and Grandparents Program is expected to start inviting potential sponsors to submit the Interest to Sponsor Form.

Last year, the draw took place in September and invitations were sent out in two weeks.Given the fact that Immigration Canada is processing 40,000 applications. the Government of Canada plans to welcome approximately 23,500 Parents and Grandparents under the 2020 and 2021 parents and grandparents program.

Those who have already submitted their applications the current processing time is between 20-24 months.

Income requirements:

The Gov of Canada requires a signed undertaking from potential sponsors. The undertaking sets out how long the sponsor will be financially responsible for the family members.

Length of the undertaking for parents and grandparents is 20 years. You will have to prove that you meet minimum income requirements,to be successful in your sponsorship application.

The table below shows income requirements that were published last year.

Income required for the 3 taxation years:

                        2020                    2019                    2018

2 people      $32,899                   $41,007                   $40,379

3 people      $40,445                   $50,414                   $49,641

4 people      $49,106                   $61,209                   $60,271

5 people      $55,695                   $69,423                   $68,358

6 people      $62,814                   $78,296                   $77,095

7 people      $69,935                   $87,172                   $85,835

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