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Manitoba provincial nominee program

The Manitoba PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) 2023

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Before we jump into details of the world-renowned Manitoba PNP, we should know little about this wonderful province, which will definitely attract you to come and live here permanently.

There are temporary work visa’s which you should try first, before, planning a permanent settlement. This will help you a lot to understand more about the people, customs, rules and regulations and will help you to plan things in advance, for smooth settlement in a new place.

About Manitoba PNP

Let’s divide Manitoba’s immigration program into two categories, one is for skilled workers and the other one is for business people. Just want to add here that business people are welcomed everywhere because they not only help boating the economy of any country or province, but they are job creators, not job seekers.

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Anyway here are two broad categories: 

  1. Skilled workers stream
  2. Business investors stream

Skilled workers Stream:
To be eligible for this stream, one must satisfy the local market requirements. Local businesses propose what type of skills are required for their local businesses, and accordingly, the skills listed.

Once you find, your own skillset on the given list, you may proceed, but keep in mind you should have the required number of years of experience to qualify for the same. Qualified people are nominated by Manitoba province for permanent settlement in Canada.

The Manitoba PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) 2023

Skilled workers stream has two pathways as follows:

  1. Skilled Workers in Manitoba
  2. Skilled Workers Overseas

1. Skilled Workers in Manitoba: It’s a very simple three steps program, driven by the local business requirements. People often ask questions, if they can apply online, and the answer is yes, here’s the link for the same. It’s called MPNP online. Simply add the required information online and that it. For those three steps, they are as follows:

Step 1: Submitting your expression of interest, is the very first step

Step 2: Invitation to submit MPNP application, generally, applicants with the highest score are invited for the same.

Step 3: Those who successfully clear the above two steps are nominated for permanent visas, by the Manitoba provincial government, to the government of Canada.

2. Skilled workers Overseas: If you are looking for this category to apply for immigration, you must keep in mind the following three things:

  1. Establish connection with Manitoba via support of family members or even friends.
  2. Establish connection with Manitoba through working experience or even studies completed.

  3. Third way is direct invitation to apply. This is possible if you are interviewed by the concerned officer while you were on exploitory visit or may you are part of on going recruitment mission.

Who can submit an Expression of Interest?

Factor 1: Language Proficiency

Factor 2: Age

Factor 3: Work experience

Factor 4: Education

Factor 5: Adaptability

Factor 6: Risk Assessment

3. Business investors Stream(BIS): The good news for those seeking immigration via Business investment is, they are no longer required to deposit $100k with the Manitoba government, yes you heard it right, now this BIS will replace the existing PNP-B program. The Manitoba government will directly nominate the businesses.

They can be both business investors and entrepreneurs. Business investors are required to buy an existing business in the province of Manitoba and generate employment for the locals. Entrepreneurs will be expected to come up be practically workable ideas.


  1. Exploratory work visas.
  2. Skilled workers and business investors.
  3. Skilled Workers Stream.
  4. 3 step process
  5. Varied eligibility.
  6. Business Investors Stream (BIS).

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