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Things to know before applying for Brampton Immigration

Things to know before applying for Brampton Immigration

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Things to know before applying for Brampton Immigration: Brampton is a city located in the Greater Toronto area. The city has a heritage of Art galleries, Museums and century-old buildings. The Rose Theater is a major attraction for art performers. Live events and Big Screen movies are hosted in the Theater. 

The green spaces, historic buildings and victorian era homes were a must-see for history lovers. It is located in the southeastern area of Ontario, west of Toronto. It was founded in 1830.

The development of the city has its fair share of tanning, horticulture and paper production. The modern industries of food, brick mankind, automobile, business services, telecommunications and aerospace technologies are also contributing in the economy of the city. 

Being an economic centre for agricultural implants from the surrounding area, there are many industries related to agriculture in the area of Brampton. 

Brampton is also known as the Flower Town of Canada. The title is given to the city because of its greenhouse industry. 

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The close proximity to the capital city of Ontario and lower living costs make the city of Brampton an ideal place for living for newcomers. Many newcomers choose Brampton as a place to start their new life in Canada. 

Brampton is also a great place for international students. Many colleges in the city provide the best education for international students. The ideal living costs and better work options also make it an ideal place for international students.

Immigrants also find it suitable to start their new life in Canada. The living costs in Brampton are 14% less than in Toronto. The average cost in Brampton for a single person, including the costs of rent, travelling and groceries, are $3260 CAD per month. 

Being an ideal place to live, many people want to immigrate to Brampton. There are many immigration programs which can help you to settle in the city permanently. 

As Brampton is a part of Ontario, so you need to submit your application under the Provincial Nominee Program by the province of Ontario. 

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) is for those people who are interested in moving to Ontario on a permanent basis. Skilled workers who have necessary requirements can apply under OINP. 

Things to know before applying for Brampton Immigration

The applicants must have the minimum requirements of education, work, language proficiency and experience to apply for the nomination certificate under OINP. 

The applicants who are successful in receiving the provincial nomination certificate can apply for permanent residency through the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). 

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP): Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) was launched in 2007. The program was launched mainly to address the skilled worker shortage in Ontario. 

Investment in Ontario is easy, and it creates a lot of job opportunities for the people as 40% of the population lives in Ontario. This also helps in the growth of the economy of Ontario. 

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program nominates around 8,000 newcomers by providing them with nomination certificates. OINP streams are aligned with the Federal Express Entry Program. All the permanent residency applications were managed by the EE system through its three programs: FSTP, FSW and CEC. 

The applicants are assessed and given points through the comprehensive ranking system (CRS). The candidates who have the highest ranks are issued the provincial nomination certificate and can apply for permanent residency. 

The nominee certificate will add a total of 600 points to your EE scores, increasing the chances of getting an ITA for permanent residency. 

There are also some streams which are not aligned with the EE program, and applicants with nominee certificates under these can apply directly to IRCC. 

OINP immigration categories: There are many categories to choose from according to your skills. Here are the main three categories from which you can choose a suitable category for you. 

  • Ontario Human Capital
  • Ontario Employer Job Offer
  • Ontario Entrepreneur

Ontario Human Capital: This category mainly targets candidates who are suitable for Ontario’s labour market. There is a range of programs under his category. 

The main focus in this category is on the skills, work experience and abilities of the candidates so that they can easily adapt to the work environment of Ontario. Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program is the best PNP program. The Human Capital streams mainly focus on skilled foreign workers who can be valuable for local economic growth. Before applying in any of the category there are number of Things to know before applying for Brampton Immigration

The applicants with Ontario work experience or education, proficiency in English and French both and applicants with competitive EE profiles may have higher chances of success under this program’s various streams. 

  • Human Capital Priorities – Express Entry
  • French-Speaking Skilled Worker – Express Entry
  • Skilled Trades – Express Entry
  • Masters Graduate
  • PhD Graduate

Ontario Employer Job Offer: The applicants with a valid job offer from an eligible employer from Ontario can apply through Ontario Employer Job Offer. The employer must meet the conditions of the labour market, and the job offer should also be according to the conditions of immigration. The applicant should fulfil the conditions of the labour market to secure the job offer from the employer under the various streams of Ontario Employer Job offers. 

  • Foreign Worker
  • International Student with a Job Offer
  • In-Demand Skills

Ontario Entrepreneur:  Wealthy entrepreneurs who are interested in making significant investments in Ontario can immigrate through this program. If you have the ability to invest and make developments in business, you can apply through this.

Entrepreneurs who have a successful experience in business can invest and start their new business in Ontario and can apply under Ontario’s Entrepreneur  Stream. On successful operation of these businesses, the applicant will get a nomination for Canadian permanent residency.  

Summary of Things to know before applying for Brampton Immigration:

  1. Brampton is located in the Greater Toronto area.
  2. 14% less living costs than Toronto.
  3. Preferred choice by the newcomers.
  4. Many educational institutions for international students.
  5. OINP has various immigration streams for immigrants.
  6. Choose your stream according to your eligibility.

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