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Canada Travel Visa

Want To Apply For A Canada Travel Visa?

Every year, thousands of visitors come to Canada to travel. Some come for travelling; some come to visit family or friends. To enter Canada, you need to apply for a Canada Travel Visa. 

A Canada Travel visa is normally granted for a six-month period. They can be single-entry or multiple-entry visas. Travel visas are generally for visiting purposes. You can not work on a travel Visa. 


Want To Apply For A Canada Travel Visa?

Canadian tourist Visa is officially known as a Temporary Resident Visa. There are two types of visitor visas:

  1. Multiple Entry Visa: You can make multiple trips to Canada on this visa. Normally the multiple entry visas are for a duration of up to 10 years. And you can stay a maximum of 6 months in your single visit. Your visa will expire after ten years, or in case of a passport expires, the visa expires with it. 
  2. Single Entry Visa: These visas allow a visitor to enter Canada and leave at the time the visa ends. Its duration is normally six months. You are not allowed to make in-between trips. If you leave before the end of your visa, then you will not be allowed to visit again, even if you have half of your visa time left. 

However, there are some limitations to visitor visas. You are not allowed to work, and you can not stay after your intended period of return, otherwise, it will be illegal to stay in Canada. 

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You can include your family in your application. The main purpose of this visa is tourism. The visa is generally issued after 27 days of application submission. 

There are two types of visitor visas (1)

Eligibility for Canada Travel Visa: 

The applicant must have the following eligibility requirements for Canada Travel Visa:

  1. The applicants should be able to show sufficient funds for maintaining themselves and their family (if included in the application) during their stay in Canada.
  2. The applicants can not look for work on this visa. So the applicants should not get engaged in work-related activities. 
  3. All the applicants are required to have a clean police record. Also, the applicant should follow all the legal rules and regulations.
  4. In case of staying with your family or friends, then you must have an invitation letter from the same.
  5. A temporary resident visa is required by applicants from certain countries.  
  6. Some applicants are required to meet the additional qualifications, which depend upon your profile. 

Required Documents for Tourist Visa: 

Following documents are required for Canada Travel Visa: 

  1. A valid travel document such as a Passport whose expiry date should be after six or more months.
  2. Documents to prove your strong connections to your home country.
  3. Documents to prove your financial status to support your stay in Canada such as bank statements.
  4. In case of visiting a relative, an invitation letter from the same is required.
  5. Also, for ensuring your good health, a medical certificate is required.
  6. Documents to prove that the applicant does not have any criminal record.
  7. Also, the applicant is required to provide the return flight ticket photocopies. 

Applications for Canada Travel visas can be submitted online and offline. For offline you can submit the application on paper or in person at the Visa Application Center. 

Canada Travel Visa

In case you are planning to add your family to your application, you need to fill out a separate application form for each family member. You can submit all the applications together. 

Applicants from some countries may require to add their biometric information to their application. It depends upon the nationality of the applicants. 

Visa Application Cover letter: Adding a cover letter to the Visa application is also a must. You need to add a cover letter which is very crucial in deciding the nature of your visa application (given by IRCC). You can add the following points in your cover letter:

  1. You should clearly define the reason for your visit to Canada in detail.
  2. How will you plan to manage your expenses in Canada while travelling? Also, financial sources confirmation for expenses is required. 
  3. For explaining your financial sources, you need to describe your source of income. 
  4. In case of a relative sponsoring your trip, you need to provide the details about your sponsor, including your relationship with the sponsor and why they chose you. 
  5. It is also necessary to provide the trip summary including the planned activities dates in Canada and flight schedule. 

The Visitor Visa or Travel Visa or Tourist Visa is mainly for leisure purpose. You can sit back and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Canada. It is one of the most beautiful countries with different landscapes. 


  1. A simple process to apply for Canada Tourist Visa.
  2. You can apply online and offline.
  3. A visa for leisure purposes.
  4. You can not work on this visa.
  5. You can visit your family and friends.
  6. You can also include your family.

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