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Immigration medical exams cost Canada

What is Immigration medical exams cost Canada?

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The process of immigrating to Canada can be exciting but expensive, and one of the costs you might incur is the cost of the immigration medical examination. To ensure that immigrants do not have any medical issues that could endanger the public’s health, the examination is a requirement for everyone who wishes to immigrate to Canada.

The expense of the medical examination for immigration to Canada might be a substantial financial hardship. There are, however, methods for saving money on it.

In this blog post, we’ll review tips for lowering the cost of your immigration medical test, including how to shop around, book early, take advantage of sales, and consult your doctor.

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This post will summarise how much the Canadian immigration medical exam costs and how to cut costs.

Comprehending the Immigration Medical Examination

Let’s first discuss what the immigration medical exam comprises before delving into how much it will cost. Comprehensive medical testing is conducted during the examination by a panel doctor designated by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

A physical examination, blood tests, urine tests, and a chest x-ray are all part of the evaluation (if required). In order to confirm that you satisfy the medical admissibility standards, the doctor will also check your medical history and any pertinent documentation.

The Price of the Canadian Immigration Medical Exam

  • Overview of the Expense

The price of the Canadian immigration medical exam varies depending on various variables, including your age, the number of family members you are bringing with you, and the location of the panel doctor. The price per person often varies from $250 to $500. However, the cost can be higher if further tests or exams are needed.

  1. Cost-Relating Variables

The price of the medical examination for immigration to Canada depends on several variables. They consist of:

Age: Because older applicants may need more tests and examinations, exam costs are typically higher for them.

Family Size: The number of family members attending the exam will increase the fee. Thus, the price increases as the number of family members increases.

Location: The price of the exam can change based on where the panel doctor practices. Urban doctors may bill patients more than those in rural locations.

2. Fees to Consider in Addition

There may be other fees to take into account in addition to the cost of the medical exam, such as:

Travel expenses: You could have to pay for expenses like gas, parking, or public transportation if the panel physician is far from your house.

Vaccinations: You should get some necessary vaccines in advance of the exam if you don’t already have them, which will raise the overall cost.

Further examinations: You might need to have more tests or examinations, which can raise the entire cost if the panel physician discovers a medical issue that needs more research or treatment.

Ways to Reduce the Expense of an Immigration Medical Exam

3. Price comparison

Comparing the costs of several panel physicians is crucial if you want to reduce the expense of your immigration medical exam. To do this, check the IRCC website, which offers a list of approved panel doctors and their fees. By comparing the costs, you can locate a doctor who does the exam at a lower cost.

4. Reserve early

Booking an appointment early is another strategy to reduce the expense of the immigration medical examination. If you schedule the exam a few weeks or months in advance, certain panel doctors might give you a discount. Making your reservation early also gives you more time to prepare and obtain any required paperwork.

5. Benefit from Sales and Promotional Deals

On occasion, some panel doctors might provide discounts or exclusive deals. For instance, they might provide a discount to students or large families. It is worthwhile to inquire about the presence of D with various panel physicians.

6. Ask your family doctor

Ask your family doctor or a specialist for suggestions on reducing the expense of your immigration medical exam if you have one. They could suggest a panel doctor with reasonable fees.

Several variables can affect how much a Canadian immigration medical check costs. But there are ways to reduce the cost of it, such as shopping around, making early reservations, taking advantage of sales, and consulting your physician. Using these suggestions, you can lessen the financial strain of moving to Canada and concentrate on creating a new life there.


  1. Substantial financial hardship. 
  2. Range: $200-$500+
  3. Different Factors Affecting Cost
  4. Make your reservation early
  5. Focus on settling in

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