If you would like to postpone or cancel your CELPIP Evaluation, the measures that need to be taken are as follows:

  • On the official CELPIP website, you can access your CELPIP account by logging in.
  • To manage your test, click the option that says “Manage My Test.”
  • To cancel or reschedule your test, click the button labelled “Cancel or Reschedule.”
  • You will be given the choice to either postpone or cancel your examination.
  • If you decide to reschedule your exam, you will need to choose a new day and venue for it.
  • If you do decide to cancel, you are required to offer a reason for doing so.
  • Please review and confirm your request to cancel or reschedule your appointment.
  • If any fees are applicable, you are responsible for paying them.

Postpone my Celpip Evaluation

It is essential that you are aware that, depending on the timing of your request and the policies of the testing facility or provider, you may be required to pay a fee in order to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Before making any modifications to your test booking, you should look into the CELPIP’s procedures about cancellation and rescheduling first. This is strongly suggested.