CELPIP (Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program) has specific rules and regulations that need to be followed by all test-takers. Here are some things that are not allowed in the CELPIP examination area:

  1. Mobile phones, smartwatches, and other electronic devices are prohibited in the examination area. You will be required to leave them outside the examination room.
  2. No food or drink is allowed inside the examination room. 
  3. You are not allowed to communicate with other test-takers during the test. This includes talking, whispering, or passing notes.
  4. Cheating or attempting to cheat on the test is strictly prohibited. This includes looking at other test takers’ answers, bringing unauthorised materials into the examination room, or communicating with others during the test.
  5. Leaving the examination room during the test is prohibited except for the designated break period.
  6. Any behaviour that disrupts the testing environment or interferes with other test-takers is prohibited.
  7. Illegal or Dangerous materials
  8. Clothing accessories, such as gloves, scarves, hoods, hats, etc., unless worn for religious or medical purposes
  9. Sweaters, jackets or Heavy coats, Bulky and Large Jewellery
  10. Dictionaries,  Pencils, Pens, or other writing instruments
  11. Fitness tracking devices

It’s important to read and understand the CELPIP Test Taker Handbook before taking the exam to ensure you are fully aware of all rules and regulations.