You are currently viewing 4,300 ITAs are issued in the most recent Express Entry lottery by IRCC
4,300 ITAs are issued in the most recent Express Entry lottery by IRCC

4,300 ITAs are issued in the most recent Express Entry lottery by IRCC

Express Entry lottery by IRCC: The sixteenth draw of 2023 for IRCC’s Express Entry program has occurred. In a random selection for their programs, IRCC invited 4,300 people to immigrate to Canada.

A minimum score of 486 on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) was required of all applicants.

The previous draw occurred on June 8th, making this one of two this month. To participate in that draw, applicants had to have a minimum CRS cut-off score of 486, and they were invited as part of a program-wide draw that invited 4,800 people.

The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRCC) announced on the 31st of May that six additional categories of Express Entry applicants will be able to participate in upcoming lotteries later on in the summer. 

Carpenters, transport workers, general contractors, farmers and agriculturists, plumbers, and professionals in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are examples of trades. Careers in the Health Care Industry

Competence in the French language for Express Entry lottery

In these new draws, candidates for Express Entry with relevant work experience or language experience in specific jobs within these categories will be invited to apply (ITAs).

Nearly half of all vocations in the country that qualify for category-based selection are in the healthcare sector.

Jobs in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) also account for a sizable proportion.

Experience in one of the occupations mentioned above needs to be improved for receiving an ITA; applicants must also be in the Express Entry pool.

Those with the highest CRS scores have a better chance of being offered an ITA.

IRCC claims that consultations with provinces, territories, and other interested parties informed the selection of these categories. The annual report to parliament will include the outcomes of the draws conducted by IRCC. According to the agency, classifications may shift from one year to the next.

The Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Canadian Experience Class, and the Federal Skilled Trades Program are the three most significant economic immigration programs in Canada, and they are all managed through Express Entry, an application management system.

To acquire a score from the Comprehensive Ranking System, applicants who match the requirements for these programs must first create a profile on IRCC. 

The CRS considers a wide range of human capital indicators, including but not limited to education, age, occupation, language proficiency, and years of work experience. Those who score highest will have the best chance of receiving an ITA in the following random selection.

Applicants have 60 days from the moment they get an ITA to submit their final application for permanent residency to IRCC. The next step is for an immigration officer to evaluate the submission and finalise the applicant’s eligibility to settle in Canada permanently.

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