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Can a Canadian employer hire foreign workers?

Can a Canadian employer hire foreign workers?

Can a Canadian employer hire foreign workers?: Canada is the ultimate destination for Foreign nationals looking to settle with their families. The major workforce in Canada is migrants. The main reason for Canada recruiting Foreign workers is for the growth of the Canadian economy.

As a foreign national, finding a job in Canada is not easy, but it is possible and can be achieved through a strategic step-by-step method. 

How to find a job in Canada?

Finding a job in Canada is not impossible. However, it is not very easy either. It is important to find the right job so that you can easily migrate to Canada with your family.

Canada is also in search of skilled workers to fill the gap in the labour market after the covid 19 pandemic. The current employment in Canada has risen above the pre-pandemic levels. 

It is a great time for foreign nationals who are seeking to start a career in Canada. Canada recruits foreign workers through different resources. These resources can be helpful to you as well for finding the best job. These resources are:

Canada Job Bank: This is a tool used to search the jobs posted by Canadian recruiters from all over Canada. You can select a job according to your work experience and educational credentials. With the help of this tool, you are able to find the best job suited for you. 

Government of Canada Jobs:  This website has a list of job openings in the Canadian Government. You can find current job openings in the federal government and apply for them if you match the eligibility criteria. 

Student Employment: Here, you can find the job openings for students posted by private employers as well as the Canadian Government through IRCC. This is very beneficial for students as they can easily get the opportunities to work in a suitable place and earn modestly. 

Having a job offer letter from a Canadian employer plays a significant role in your immigration application. It also increases your chances of getting an Invitation to Apply. Also, the candidates will get extra points in the comprehensive ranking system.

In Provincial Nominee Programs to, have a job offer letter is also an eligibility criterion. Canada needs skilled workers more than ever due to its ageing population and demand for workers in the labour market. 

Most In-Demand jobs in Canada:

Although Canada is in need of skilled workers in every field, there are some fields in which skilled workers are more in demand. Some of most In-demand jobs in 2022 are: 

Marketing Manager, Driver, Registered Nurses, Developer, key account manager, welder, cloud architect, customer service Reps, electricians, IT project managers, HR managers, and Mechanical engineers. 

Having experience in any of these fields can help you in getting a job in Canada. So its really important to know Can a Canadian employer hire foreign workers?

How to Apply for a Job in Canada:

As Canada recruits Foreign workers, it doesn’t mean that you will get a job on a silver platter.

Canada is recruiting Skilled workers to fill the gaps in the labour market. To get a job in Canada, you must follow all the required steps of the process.

  1. Updated Resume with Cover letter: The resume, also known as a CV (curriculum vitae) should be updated, including the information about your current employment as well as past employment. It should also include your updated contact information in case of any communication delays. A cover letter must be there in your resume. The cover letters generally include the reasons why you are the best choice for the job. Also, create the Resume in the format Canadian employers prefer. It will be easy for them to assess your resume.
  2. Research your preferred company: After sending the resume to the desired company where you want to work, do thorough research about the company. You should have complete information about the place where you want to work. To get the information, you can visit the website of company and get knowledge about the company’s work environment and culture. Also, you can check the job openings. 
  3. Provide References: Having a strong reference is always beneficial in the job hunt. References help employers understand more about your employment history. Having a reference letter from your previous employer in your home country can go a long way in your Canadian job landing. 
  4. Follow up with your application: It’s a way to show your enthusiasm for the job. It can set you apart in the competitive job market. You can follow up with the employer after submitting your resume to demonstrate your interest in the job. Also, you can thank them for their consideration after the job interview is done. 

In some cases, social media also helps you in finding a job of your liking. 

Spotting the Fake Job letter:

With current job openings in Canada, job offer scams have also risen. Many fraud immigration agents claim to help you in getting a job in Canada and scam money from you. These cases have increased in the past after Canada allowed more skilled workers to enter and work in Canada.

Always remember that you don’t have to pay to get a job offer letter from a Canadian employer. It is illegal. All the job offer letters issued by Canadian employers must be on the official letterhead of the company. They should have the contact information of the Canadian employer. 

Any job offer letter on plain A4 paper is a fraud. Also, check the address and contact information of the company on their website after receiving the job offer letter. 


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  2. Recruitment of Foreign Workers
  3. Match Job to Experience & Education
  4. Submit Resume and Follow-Up
  5. Beware of Fake Job Offers

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