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How Do I Study for the CELPIP?

How Do I Study for the CELPIP?

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The multipurpose English language proficiency test CELPIP lets you demonstrate your language proficiency and functional ability in the English language. To score high in CLPIP, generally, candidates ask the question How Do I Study for the CELPIP?

In this blog, we will discuss all of CELPIP and its study methods. 

With two versions: The CELPIP-General Test and the CELPIP-General LS Test, the Reading, Writing, Speaking and listening abilities of applicants are measured. CELPIP-General LS Test only measures the Speaking and Listening abilities of the candidates.

Here we will discuss the CELPIP-General Test and CELPIP-General LS Test. CELPIP-General Test is for individuals who are applying for permanent resident status in Canada through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Other than this organizations, like the Real Estate Council of British Columbia (REC BC) and the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) also accept CELPIP-General Test for membership to their organizations.

Practice Celpip test with Free Samples
Practice Celpip test with Free Samples

To clear the CELPIP-General Test, the candidates are required to clear all four modules: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Only then your CELPIP-General Test results are valid for immigration and other membership purposes.

Like CELPIP-General Test, The CELPIP-General LS Test has been approved by IRCC for Canadian citizenship purposes. Individuals who are applying for Canadian citizenship can take this test.

Besides having only Listening and Speaking components, this test is only available in Canada, unlike CELPIP-General Test.

Having fewer modules than CELPIP-General Test, the time duration for this test is also less. CELPIP-General LS Test can be completed in only an hour while CELPIP-General Test takes three hours to complete.

Also, these tests are fully computerised. You can deliver this test with the help of a computer at CELPIP Test Centres across Canada (for CELPIP-General LS Test) and in other countries where CELPIP test centres are available.

All modules can be completed within a single sitting, unlike IELTS, where Speaking modules are completed separately before or after the Listening, Reading and Writing module.

How Do I Study for the CELPIP?

Studying for CELPIP is easy. The CELPIP test is a generalised English test. You can prepare for CELPIP using everyday tasks as an example. Other than this there is a variety of study materials available online for the CELPIP study.   For the latest study materials, you can check Here you can find free and purchased study materials for CELPIP.

How Do I Study for the CELPIP?

There are four modules in CELPIP. For better test preparation you need to study and practice on all four modules. Here are some tips for studying each module:

Reading Module: Reading English is not a difficult task. We use English in our everyday life. But in CELPIP, reading is not a simple task. For the reading module, you are required to deduce answers from the given passage.

The reading module has parts which require solving passages, deducing viewpoints, diagram applying and reading for viewpoints. So you are needed to have lexical expertise.

If You can master the essence of comprehension, you would be able to ace it. In case you can’t find the right choices from the passage, then try to remove the irrelevant choices by utilising elimination theory.

To help get a grasp on the reading and deducing answers, and practising the elimination theory, read various texts and passages on a daily basis. Try to understand the passage or text as a whole without a dictionary. Then find the correctness of your deduction using a dictionary.

Speaking Module: Speaking module in CELPIP is best for those who feel nervous in front of an examiner. The CELPIP speaking module lets you record your response on a computer without facing an examiner.

You can record your response on the computer on a partitioned desk by sitting alone. While recording your response, CELPIP provides you with an easy preparation prompt to get you to succeed and also to assure you that your voice is recorded.

While speaking, you don’t need a particular accent. You can record your response with ease, like you are talking with your friends.

The best way to study for the speaking module is to practice on a daily basis. Start with your close family and friends. To avoid any kind of distractions, practise recording your response in a microphone.

To avoid any kind of distraction due to background noise, practice recording your response while playing some background music. Also, use a timer to record your response and listen to them to find if you are able to record all the important points in time.

Writing Module: This module has two tasks. For those who are working on computers on daily basis and have good typing speed, this test is the best choice. Moreover, you have an inbuilt timer, word counter and spell checker which will help you to write more accurately.

But for those who don’t have frequent touch with computers, they should practice more. Get yourself familiar with the system used in the CELPIP exam.

With inbuilt features, you can easily track the length of your passage. Writing generally requires supervision from a certified trainer. You can enrol in a certified institution or register in an online platform which provides you with the guidance you need in the writing module. You can also use other lexical resources to build your confidence in writing.

Listening Module: For this module, one must learn to focus. Listening is an activity of focus to get the meaning of words one is speaking. After living in an English-speaking country for a long time, getting the essence of conversation between two people is not difficult.

To improve your listening, one should practice listening on a daily basis. You can start with English news or Movies. Movies and dramas can give you better practice for your listening. Deducing the conversations from a movie and getting the essence of that will help you improve.

To improve your listening, use paper and pen to note the important points. You don’t need to type the answers; you are required to choose the correct option from the given options.

You must listen to the recording completely before selecting the accurate answers.

Some important points to remember while studying for CELPIP:

  1. Computer Practice 
  2. Focus on Common English 
  3. Improve Vocabulary and Grammar
  4. Time Management 
  5. Review Answers 
  6. Speak Clearly 
  7. Take Notes 
  8. Use Scanning and Skimming

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