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Can an Illegal Immigrant sue for a car accident?

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Can an Illegal Immigrant sue for a car accident? The legal system in Canada lets anyone, no matter what their immigration situation is, sue for damages after a car accident.

If you want to file a personal injury claim or case after a car accident, your immigration status usually doesn’t matter.

In Canada, anyone who is not a citizen and is involved in a car crash, gets hurt, or has their property damaged, can go to court and request compensation.

They have the same rights as anyone else in a car accident: they can make a claim with the other driver’s insurance company or go to court in Canada.

It is important to talk to a personal injury lawyer to find out the exact steps and rules that apply to your case since the laws and rules in Canada can be different from one area or territory to the next. It is possible for a lawyer to help the person through the process and protect their rights.

It depends on the details of the case as to whether an illegal immigrant can sue in Canada for a car accident. Immigrants who are in the country illegally can still sue for personal harm damages in Canada.

The Canadian Supreme Court said that people in the country illegally have the same basic rights as everyone else. This includes the right to go to court. In other words, illegal immigrants can file a lawsuit for personal injury, just like anyone else who has been hurt in a car crash.

But there are some things that might make it harder for an illegal immigrant to sue for personal harm. For instance, if the illegal immigrant was driving without a license or insurance, it might be hard for them to get the money back. Also, if the illegal immigrant can’t get a work permit, they might have trouble getting work and paying their own expenses while they heal.

If you are an illegal immigrant and sustained injuries in a car accident in Canada, you should consult a lawyer because you have rights. A lawyer can help you understand your rights and how the legal system works. If you decide to sue, they can also defend you in court.

A Case Study: Can an Illegal Immigrant sue for a car accident?

In a recent ruling, the Ontario Court of Appeal stated that it would not compensate illegal immigrants for their injuries if the individual was hurt in a car accident.

It has made it clearer that the law limits people who come to Canada illegally. This should serve as a warning to people who come to Canada illegally about the risks they take.

Justice James Diamond of the Ontario Superior Court heard the case in January 2015. The case looked at the situation of Mr. Jarley Silva, a man from Brazil, who came to Canada in 1992 with a fake visa. 

He lived in Canada in part to hide. He was a member of a trade union, had his own drywall company, and had a driver’s license, but he didn’t own a car or have insurance. He also never reported his income or paid income tax. He didn’t have a credit card, a SIN, or an OHIP card.

In 1995, authorities sent him back to his home country, but he quickly returned illegally, resuming an illegal life in Canada. A car hit him in Toronto in 2011 while he was crossing the street. No one ever found out who drove the car. 

Mr. Silva sustained injuries and suffered a broken knee and ankle. The injuries needed surgery and a long time to heal. His illegal status was now known.

After the car accident, he, as a refugee, requested help and insurance through the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund (MVACF) because the driver who hit him was never caught. 

Unfortunately, the authorities denied his request for refugee status in 2013 and deported him back to Brazil. But his insurance claim went on in court. The case that went to court was interesting.

The Ontario government attempted to have the MVACF’s claims for compensation dismissed because the fund was intended for individuals who “usually reside in Ontario.” 

A lengthy argument ensued about the definition of a “resident” and whether someone who has lived in the country illegally for an extended period could qualify as a resident. 

The government said that Mr. Silva was only in Ontario because he was lying and that the fact that he was here illegally did not mean that he lived there normally. 

As a result, Justice Diamond stated that the law was not intended to afford an individual “the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of typical residency in Ontario by living a clandestine life over time.”

Despite Mr. Silva taking his case to the Court of Appeal, they upheld the decision, and the government also instructed Mr. Silva to cover their fees.

Summary on whether can an Illegal Immigrant sue for a car accident?

  1. Undocumented immigrants can sue.
  2. Equal legal rights in Canada.
  3. Challenges may arise.
  4. Consult with an attorney.
  5. Limited access to public resources.

FAQS: Can an Illegal Immigrant sue for a car accident?

Can an Illegal Immigrant sue for a car accident or car damage?

Yes, in Canada, individuals, regardless of their immigration status, can sue for damages after a car accident. Immigration status typically does not affect a person’s ability to seek compensation for injuries or property damage.

Do undocumented immigrants have the same rights as Canadian citizens when it comes to car accident claims?

Yes, the Canadian legal system provides equal rights to all individuals, including undocumented immigrants, to pursue claims and lawsuits following a car accident. Immigration status does not typically impact these rights.

Can an Illegal Immigrant sue for a car accident? Are there any challenges for illegal immigrants in pursuing car accident claims in Canada?

While undocumented immigrants have the right to sue, certain factors may complicate their claims. For instance, if an illegal immigrant was driving without a license or insurance, it could be challenging to recover damages. Additionally, difficulties in obtaining a work permit may impact the ability to pay for expenses during the recovery process.

Should an illegal immigrant involved in a car accident consult with a lawyer?

Yes, it is advisable for an undocumented immigrant to consult with a personal injury lawyer to understand their rights and navigate the legal process. An attorney can provide guidance, protect their rights, and represent them in court if they decide to sue for damages.

Can illegal immigrants access public resources like the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund (MVACF) in Canada?

Certain public resources may limit access for illegal immigrants. In the case of Mr. Jarley Silva, the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled against his claim for compensation from the MVACF, as it was intended for people who “usually reside in Ontario.” The court questioned whether someone living in the country illegally could be considered a resident for the purpose of such claims.

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