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Canada Express Entry Draw

Canada Express Entry Draw

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Express Entry is a immigration program by the Canadian Government to invite skilled workers around the world to work and live in Canada on Permanent Basis. Express Entry is basically an online system through which applicants can apply.

Every year Canada invites thousands of people to live and work in Canada under the express entry program. These are mainly skilled workers. Once you apply online then your application will be assessed for eligibility.

Express Entry Programs: Canada is welcoming 1.3 million new immigrants by the year 2024. They can apply through various programs Under Express Entry. The three programs in Express Entry are:

  1.   Federal Skilled Worker program (FSW)
  2.   Federal Skilled Trades program (FST)
  3.   Canadian Experience class program (CEC)

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW): In the FSW program, candidates are selected through the Comprehensive Ranking System CRS. higher the CRS score is, higher the chances of getting an Invitation to Apply ITA.

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Candidates don’t require Canadian experience under the FSW program. Experience in their relative field in their country is also applicable in the FSW program. An educational degree or diploma equivalent to a Canadian high school diploma is required.

Also, they need an English language proficiency test, CLB 7 or higher. Also candidates must have enough funds to support their stay as well as their family (if they are bringing with them).

Canada Express Entry Draw

These will add points to the application, as it’s a point based system. A total of minimum 67 out of 100 points are needed for the FSW program.

Federal Skilled Trades program (FST): this program also uses a point based system or CRS system to evaluate candidates. Candidates with high CRS are selected under this program.

In the FST program the candidates must have 2 years of work experience. They should also have a valid job offer for upto 12 months from a Canadian employer. And a CLB level 4 or higher.

Once a candidate fulfills these requirements they are eligible to submit their application under the FST program.

Canadian Experience class program (CEC): As its name suggests, this program requires Canadian work experience. If you have Canadian work experience and want to settle permanently in Canada then this program is the one.

It’s the fastest and easiest way for permanent residency in Canada, taking about 3 to 4 months to process your application.

To apply under CEC, you must have at least 12 months of Canadian work experience. And a CLB level of 7 or higher.

There have been few things in my life which have had a more genial effect on my mind than the possession of a piece of land. (1)

Steps to apply in Express Entry:

  1. Create your Express entry profile. In your profile add details about yourself, your educational background, your work experience, your skills, and details about your language proficiency.
  2. Meet the criteria to one of the three Express Entry programs.
  3. Once you enter in the express entry pool, you will be evaluated using CRS.
  4. Update and check your profile regularly.
  5. Only the candidates with high CRS get ITA.

Comprehensive Ranking System: Comprehensive Ranking System is a point based system which evaluates the applications of candidates in Express Entry pool and assign them points accordingly. It’s a merit based point system.

CRS evaluates your application based on your skills, education, experience and language ability. To increase your CRS score you must improve these. You can also improve your CRS through a PNP.

Express Entry Draw: Canadian Government conducted aExpress Entry Draw every two weeks. These draws have the list of candidates with high CRS scores. These candidates receive the Invitation to Apply ITA. you have to apply within 60 days after receiving an ITA for your Permanent Residency.

The last draw was conducted on 14 September 2022 with a cut of CRS 511 and a total of 3250 ITA were issued. The next draw is expected to be on 28 September 2022.

Draw Types: there are mainly three types of draws conducted by IRCC.

  1. Canadian Experience Class CEC draws: these draws mainly focus on candidates with minimum 1 year of Canadian work experience.
  2. Provincial Nominee Program PNP draw: this program mainly focuses on candidates who are nominated by a Canadian province for Canadian Permanent Residency.
  3. Federal Skilled Trades FST draw: this program mainly focuses on candidates who qualify under FST programs. These have low CRS scores.
  4. All Program Draws: this draw only focuses on the overall CRS score of the candidates.

There is no set number of profiles selected undue Express Entry draws. This mainly depends upon the Canadian labor market needs. To receive an Invitation from the draw you must regularly update your profile and try to increase your CRS score.

To increase your CRS score, you can retake your IELTS exam, Add your Spouse’s points and update your work experience.

Many Canadian cities are named as the best cities to live in the world. It’s a good place to live as many big cities in Canada welcome multiculturalism.


  • Express Entry invites skilled workers.
  • Three programs to choose from.
  • CRS based system.
  • Apply in simple steps.
  • Express Entry Draws every two weeks.
  • Improve your CRS score regularly.
  • Get an Invitation To Apply.

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