Canada Express Entry: Steps to Success

Canada Express Entry

Canada Express Entry

You must have heard about the Canada Express Entry program. This article is for those who are willing to migrate to Canada but are not aware of Express entry. Also if you know something about it but don’t know what’s new in 2023, going through this article will definitely give you the upper edge to file your document properly to get successful entry into world best country to live in i.e. Canada.

I’ll try to explain the whole express entry program step by step, so that you may start preparing for it, without wasting your time. To apply for permanent residency of Canada, here are the complete steps for Express entry program 2023

Step 1: Language proficiency Test

Step 2: Educational Credential Assessment

Step 3: Creating Canada Express Entry profile Online for ITA

Step 4: Arranging the required documents

Step 5: Receiving ITA

Step 6: Medical

Step 7: Submitting your document

Step 8: Visa Stamping

Step 9: Landing in Canada

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Before we jump start following list of steps mentioned above, I have a suggestion for you, or you may call as a step before all the steps mentioned above. Please visit website and do precalculation of your CRS score. This will give you an idea, what score you need in language proficiency test because you can’t do anything about your age and other factors like experience and qualification, its only CElPIP or IELTS score that can make some difference. Know the difference between CELPIP and IELTS.

Now let try to under stand each step one by one. 

Step 1: Language proficiency Test – Generally, most of the applicants prefer to start with the second step, but I think we should start with the Language Proficiency Test. The reason for this is, Language proficiency test, may take more than one attempts for you to clear the exam.

Another good reason is, you can’t do anything about your qualification, but you can score high in Language test, which will increase your chances of getting PR more easily.
Now Language tests include both English and French. You may appear for either of them, but if you know both of them, you will get additional points. English is essential for all provinces, but knowledge of French is especially important for the province of Quebec. 

For the English proficiency test we have the following options available:

  • IELTS General
  • CELPIP General

IELTS test is conducted all over the world by two companies, one is IDP and another one is the British Council.

CELPIP is 100% Canadian test which is conducted by Paragon company. There are many centres in Canada for this test and there are few in other countries like the UAE, India and the Philippines.

Again for French language proficiency test, we have following test authorities:

  1. TEF Canada

  2. TCF Canada

You have to pay around 250 Canadian dollars for each of the tests. Once you get your score, it is valid for 2 years only, so must apply within this period or you will be asked to appear for the test again.

To improve your overall score both main applicant and their spouse should appear in Language proficiency test because good score by both of them will boost their chances of getting the PR.

Canada Express Entry

Step 2: Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) – Interestingly ECA is not done by the Canadian government itself. Instead, there are independent companies which are authorized to evaluate your educational qualification. Evaluation means they check if you possess a valid diploma, degree or any certificate that qualify you for Canadian Immigration.

Second thing they evaluate is if your qualification is equivalent to the Canadian degrees or diplomas. Following is the list of those independent companies that do evaluation for your educational documents:

  1. World Education Services (WES)

  2. International Credential Evaluation Service (ICES)

  3. International Qualification Assessment Service(IQAS)

  4. International Credential Assessment Service of Canada(ICAS)

  5. Comparative Education Services.

If you are applying along with your spouse, you need to file two separate applications, one for yourself and one for spouse. Educational documents of both of you will be evaluated by these companies.

Validity of this evaluation is 5 years and it will cost you around 250 Canadian dollars. Time taken by these agencies to evaluate vary from one company to another but least time is taken by World Education Services, which is around 1 to 1.5 months, others may take up to 4 months.

Step 3: Creating Canada Express Entry profile Online for ITA – Before moving on to step three, you must be ready with the first two steps. i.e. you should have required Language Proficiency score and ready ECA report. Express Entry profile creation is an online process. First, you need to choose the National Occupation Classification code, better known as NOC code, as per your job profile. Every job profile is having its very own NOC code. You must choose it carefully and you may take the help of an expert for the same.

Once your profile is created, you will be given points as a CRS(Comprehensive Ranking System) score. Based on this score you will get an Invitation to Apply (ITA). Your score depends on certain factors like Age, qualification, Language proficiency score, the experience of the primary candidate and spouse.

Now good thing it’s free to create your ITA but make sure you have your IELTS or CELPIP scorecard ready with you.

Step 4: Arranging the required documents for Canada Express Entry Profile – For arranging documents you are given 2 months or more precisely 60 days. Some people feel its enough time for them to arrange all the documents, but please keep in mind this is really a time-consuming step, so you better try to do it in the minimum possible time. Here is the list of the document required:

  1. Language proficiency score report

  2. ECA report

  3. Proof of funds and that too on banks official letter head

  4. Police verification report

  5. Complete medical tests report of all the family members

  6. Scanned copies of passports

  7. Experience Certificate from your employer( including previous employers)

  8. Photographs in specified formats.

  9. Marriage certificate and if you are divorced you need to arrange divorce certificate

  10. Birth certificate of children

  11. In case you have a job letter from Canadian employers it should have LMA approval.

Canada Express Entry

The list may include more documents which vary according to the different candidates.

Step 5: Receiving ITA – You will only receive ITA only when the cut-off score equals or go below your CRS score. I hope you understand this point or let’s take an example here, let’s say your CRS score is 420, and the cutoff is 412, so all the candidates with a score higher than or equal to 412 will be invited to apply.

Step 6: Medical – Medical tests is one of the important step, I have listed up few important points that you must keep in mind while planning of medical tests, here is a list:

  1. You need to get a medical certificate only from the Doctors who are on the panel of the immigration department. To know more about them you may visit the following link:

  2. You need to carry photocopies of your Identity proof along with your pics of a specified size.

  3. You must disclose if you have any medical condition that is not visible on physical examination. e.g. if you are wearing glasses or lenses, you must let them know, if you having some medical issues and you taking any kind of medicine, you must let the doctor about it.

  4. Cost of the medical test is around 100 Canadian dollars and the important thing is, its non-refundable, irrespective of your result. Interestingly for those applying for asylum, do not have to pay any medical fees.

  5. The test lasts for few hours, and generally includes blood, urine tests, physical examination of your eyes, skins, limbs but not private parts.

  6. Finally, the doctor sends your report directly to the Canadian Immigration department and send you a copy of confirmation along with payment receipt. You must secure both the documents because you will need them in future.

Step 7: Submitting your documents / application – After scanning all the documents, you will upload all of them. If you have collected all the document well in advance it won’t take much time for you to upload them. Remember as mentioned earlier you have just 60 days to collect and submit your documents, after you receive invitation to apply for PR.

There are large number forms with good amount information asked from you but everything is online, so you should be ready with information that is required.

You will also pay PR application fee along with the visa fee. A separate fee is required to be paid for your spouse or anyone accompanying you. Total processing time is around 6 months, which may be more or less depending on your case.

As per the latest updates fee is around 1040 dollars for the primary applicant and for spouse its 550 dollars and for children accompanying you, its 150 dollar per child.

Step 8: Visa Stamping – Before you actually land in Canada, you need a single entry visa on your passport. After getting the PR approval email, you need to apply for this single entry visa, that can be done through VFS(Visa Facilitation Services) centre.

Small fee is paid at VFS for this visa but no other document except your passport and photographs in specified format are required. You must carry printout of the PR approval email along while submitting passport for this single entry visa

Step 9: Landing in Canada – After getting a single entry visa, you should move to Canada in a given time, because that single entry visa is having an expiry date, you must land in Canada before it expires. After landing in Canada, you will be given the PR Card.

I hope you will find information on Express Entry program 2023, useful and will get your PR, after following the right procedure step by step.


  1. Point Baesd system
  2. Three Categories
  3. Language Proficiency is a must
  4. Points on: Age, Education, Work Experience.
  5. Online Express Entry Profile required.
  6. High CRS is selected
  7. Receive ITA
  8. Submit your Application 



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Note: There are frequent changes in Canadian Express Entry Program rules and requirements, like eligibility criteria, Language proficiency score, educational qualification required, age criteria and even fees.

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