You are currently viewing Canada has announced plans to increase funding for immigrant
Canada has announced plans to increase funding for immigrant settlement services

Canada has announced plans to increase funding for immigrant

Canada has announced plans to increase funding for immigrant: On May 11th, 2023, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) extended funding to service provider groups across Canada by more than $65 million. Pre-arrival services, programs for racially marginalized women arriving to the country, and language instruction for those moving to an area with a small French-speaking population are all part of the settlement package.

The importance of settlement services to newcomers’ integration into Canadian society was highlighted in the announcement. These programs help newcomers prepare for and adjust to life in Canada by providing them with resources and information.

Integration into Canadian society is facilitated when services are made available to newcomers even before they arrive. Parliamentary Secretary to the Immigration Minister Marie-France Lalonde made the news, and she emphasized that this funding will help Canada to continue meeting the needs of newcomers from all over the world.

Research into the impact of settlement services on newcomer outcomes was conducted by IRCC in 2021. Ninety-five percent of immigrants who used settlement services rated them as helpful. In addition, 78% of service recipients said they were more prepared for the Canadian job market because of the assistance they received from employment services.

The programs of IRCC’s pre-arrival services help incoming immigrants achieve the highest possible level of social and economic integration by:

  • Streamlining the way in which customers find the information and services they require
  • Advising immigrants to submit requests for the acceptance of their foreign credentials well in advance of their arrival.
  • Facilitating access to Canadian federal and provincial resettlement programs

The YMCA of the National Capital Region will receive more than $1.2 million, as was recently revealed by Lalonde. This will allow them to maintain their vital pre-arrival services for newcomers. The YMCA is able to continue its successful settlement programming, which assists newcomers to Canada by providing them with specific orientation and knowledge on the skilled trades, engineering, and building. YMCA National Capital Region President and CEO Bob Gallagher stated.

The YMCA provides numerous programs and services for international communities, both virtually and physically. Pre-arrival service providers give newcomers the chance to learn about the Canadian labor market and get career advice, also points are important to know about how to get a job in Canada and hone their soft skills before they even set foot in the country.

Obtaining Funding for Immigrant and Settlement Services and How to Do So

Local, provincial, and federal governments all chip in to fund and oversee no-cost settlement services. Among the many settlement options are:

  • Facilitating Ordinary Canadian Life
  • Employment assistance
  • Study guides for the citizenship exam
  • Evaluation and practice in language learning
  • Instruction in a language necessary for doing one’s job
  • Services catered specifically to women, refugees, etc.
  • To either find a mentor as a novice or to act as a mentor to one

Compass to Connect was developed by IRCC to facilitate access to essential services for newcomers by centralizing information about these services and allowing users to narrow their search based on proximity or postal code. The tool also highlights sex, age, and sexual orientation-specific resources for its users.

Compass to Connect is a website supported by IRCC that lists several settlement services in an easy-to-navigate database. Those who are still unsure of what services they require or whether or not they qualify for them can receive settlement counseling and referrals. These programs link immigrants with settlement advisors who can advise them on what kinds of assistance they may need.

Directly contacting local and provincial settlement service providers is another option for newcomers with questions. Finding settlement services in your neighborhood is the simplest way to accomplish this.

Finally, please be aware that settlement services in Canada are restricted to Canadian citizens, protected persons, and certain temporary visitors. The Resettlement Assistance Program is a government initiative in Canada that helps displaced people find permanent housing.

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