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Canada Immigration Medical Exam Fail

Canada Immigration Medical Exam Fail

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Canada Immigration Medical Exam Fail: Failing a medical examination as part of the Canadian immigration process can be a challenging and disappointing experience. To provide more specific guidance, it’s essential to understand the reasons for the failure. Here are some common reasons for failing a Canada immigration medical exam:

  • Communicable Diseases: If you have a communicable disease that poses a public health risk, you may fail the medical exam. Conditions like active tuberculosis or HIV can lead to medical inadmissibility.
  • Mental Health Conditions: Certain severe mental health conditions may also result in inadmissibility if they are deemed to pose a danger to the safety of the public.
  • Drug or Alcohol Addiction: If you have a severe substance abuse problem, this can lead to medical inadmissibility.
  • Excessive Demand on Healthcare: If an immigration officer determines that your medical condition will place an excessive demand on Canada’s healthcare system, you may be denied entry.
  • Lack of Vaccinations: Failure to provide proof of required vaccinations can lead to inadmissibility.
  • Undiagnosed or Untreated Conditions: The medical examination may identify some conditions that you were previously unaware of, which can result in inadmissibility.

If you fail the medical exam, you will typically receive a procedural fairness letter outlining the reasons for the failure and allowing you to respond or provide additional medical information. In some cases, you may be able to address the concerns and reapply.

It’s essential to consult with a qualified immigration lawyer or consultant who can assess your situation and provide guidance on the best course of action. They can help you understand your options, including the possibility of medical admissibility on humanitarian and compassionate grounds or through a medical waiver. Immigration policies and procedures can change, so it’s crucial to consult with an expert for up-to-date advice.

Refused to Enter Canada Health Problems

Everyone needs to get a medical check from an approved doctor before they can get a Canadian visa and enter the country permanently. Some people might have to pass a health test even if they are only planning to stay in Canada for a short time. If someone comes to Canada with a pre-existing medical condition or fails a medical test, they may be medically inadmissible according to Canadian law.

What is Canada Immigration Medical Exam?

People who want to move to Canada permanently or temporarily usually have to pass a standard physical check given by a doctor approved by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. As part of these physical checks, x-rays, urine tests, and blood tests may be used.

 Also, the Canadian government will ask for medical information, which may include records of mental health. The government will look at the patient’s medical papers and physical exam to decide if the person is medically allowed to come to Canada. 

There is a tool on the CIC website that can help you find a doctor in your country who the Canadian Government permits to do one of the following medical exams: Doctors on the Registered Panel

The Reason For Health Inadmissibility

Code of Order to Remove Based on:

  • The A38 Health
  • Public health or safety risks, or too many people using health or social services (for medical reasons).

What Is Examined in a Medical Exam?

When you go through a physical exam to move to Canada, you can expect the following:

  • Take a look at your medical background and records of vaccinations
  • Both a physical and mental evaluation 
  • Checks for drugs and alcohol
  • Checks for many different illnesses and diseases

Health problems that will keep you from entering Canada

Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration (CIC) has given a list of pre-existing illnesses that they will see as a health risk for Canadians. It will be seen as a medical refusal if any of the following happens:

  • Mental health issues including hostile or disruptive behavior and impulsive sociopath
  • Illegal sexual behavior such as pedophilia
  • Substance abuse issues that can cause physical damage to others such as impaired driving or violence
  • Active pulmonary tuberculosis
  • Untreated syphilis

Diseases Not Allowed in Canada 2023

Even though there isn’t a set list of diseases that aren’t allowed in Canada, here are some examples:

  • Untreated syphilis
  • Active pulmonary tuberculosis
  • Organic brain disorders or paranoid states linked to violent behavior
  • Substance abuse issues that can cause anti-social behavior such as impaired driving or violence
  • Sexual disorders such as pedophilia
  • Impulsive sociopathic behavioural conditions
  • Canada Immigration Medical Exam Fail

Things You Should Do If You Are Not Allowed to Enter Canada Since they can’t get medical clearance

The CIC will send a Procedural Fairness Letter to someone who is seeking for permanent residency but is being turned down because of their health. If you got a Procedural Fairness Letter, check your health records to see what Canada thinks is medically wrong and try to fix this as soon as you can. 

People who get the letter have more time to find an answer before they are officially turned away. You should talk to an expert Canadian immigration lawyer right away if you have been given a Procedural Fairness Letter. They can give you the best advice and help you with your application for a Canadian visa or permanent residency.

There are many more reasons a person with health problems might not be allowed to enter Canada. 

Medical Rejection Immigration Canada

Even if someone is medically not allowed to enter Canada, they may still be able to do so. People can enter Canada with a Temporary Resident Permit if they need to go there more than the risk of staying there is high. If there are good social and compassionate reasons for someone to be allowed into Canada, they can get around medical inadmissibility.

An immigration lawyer in Canada can help you understand the complicated rules of medical inadmissibility and find out if your health problems will keep you from entering Canada. Following that, we will put together a case to help you get into Canada through a unique request.

Medical Rejection Immigration Exam Depression

IRCC says that when it comes to depression, they decide if your mental illness is a threat to public safety in Canada or not. Based on the results of your immigration medical test, this is what will happen. 

Additional Medical Tests Canadian Immigration

Depending on the situation, the IRCC may ask you to take more medical tests. Extra medical tests may include X-rays, blood, and urine tests. 


  1. Required for residency.
  2. Disease and drug screening.
  3. Mental issues, substance abuse.
  4. Tuberculosis, syphilis, disorders.
  5. Sexual disorders, violence.
  6. Procedural Fairness Letter.
  7. Temporary Resident Permit.


What is a medical exam for Canadian immigration? 

It is a standard physical check that individuals applying for permanent or temporary residence in Canada must undergo. It is conducted by a doctor approved by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

What is examined in a Canadian immigration medical exam? 

A Canada immigration medical exam typically includes a review of the applicant’s medical history, vaccination records, a physical and mental evaluation, checks for drugs and alcohol, and screening for various diseases and health conditions.

What are the common health problems that may lead to inadmissibility in Canada? 

Common health problems that may result in inadmissibility include mental health issues like hostile or disruptive behavior, illegal sexual behavior (e.g., pedophilia), substance abuse that could lead to harm to others (e.g., impaired driving or violence), active pulmonary tuberculosis, untreated syphilis, and certain other conditions.

Are there specific diseases not allowed in Canada? 

While there isn’t a set list of diseases, some examples that may result in inadmissibility include untreated syphilis, active pulmonary tuberculosis, organic brain disorders linked to violent behaviour, and substance abuse issues causing anti-social behaviour or violence.

What can I do if I fail the medical exam for Canadian immigration? 

If you fail the medical exam, you may receive a Procedural Fairness Letter from CIC explaining the reasons for your inadmissibility. You should consult with a Canadian immigration lawyer to understand your options and, if possible, address the health concerns identified in the letter.

Can I still enter Canada if I’m medically inadmissible? 

In some cases, individuals who are medically inadmissible may still be allowed to enter Canada with a Temporary Resident Permit if there are compelling social or compassionate reasons to do so.

How does Canada assess mental illness, like depression, in immigration medical exams? 

The IRCC assesses mental illnesses, such as depression, to determine whether they pose a threat to public safety in Canada based on the results of the immigration medical test.

Are additional medical tests required for Canadian immigration under certain circumstances? 

Depending on the situation, the IRCC may request additional medical tests, which can include X-rays, blood tests, urine tests, and more, to evaluate an applicant’s health further.

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