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Canadian Business Programs

Canadian Business Programs

The Government of Canada always welcomes investors, entrepreneurs and business managers in the country. To invite more and more investors, business managers and entrepreneurs, there are many Canadian Business programs offered by the Government of Canada

The Federal Government always welcomes investors, entrepreneurs and business managers from all business backgrounds, business shapes and sizes. Many want to start their new business and life in Canada. Canadian Business Programs are best for this purpose. 

Canada has a wide range of Business programs which are also fast-tracked. Your knowledge of the business can help you and the Canadian economy grow at a fast rate. 

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There are many categories under the Canadian Business Programs, such as Investors, Entrepreneurs, self-employed, provincial nominations program, startup programs and work permits. Check out the requirements for Canada LMIA Work Permit. There are many streams under these categories, such as:

  • Federal Business Immigration Programs
  • Quebec Business Immigration Programs
  • Provincial Nominee Programs for Business
  • Canadian Investor Program
  • Canada Start-Up Visa
  • Self-employed Programs. 

There are five main categories for Canadian Business Programs. Candidates who have experience in the business or have managerial experience can apply for Canadian permanent residency under Canadian Business Programs. The five categories are:

  • Investors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Self Employed Persons
  • PNP Business Programs
  • Corporate Immigration

1. Start-Up Visa Investor Program

The Start-Up Visa program is the best option for those who are looking to immigrate to Canada as an investor. For a successful application, your startup idea should be creative and innovative.

 It should be able to create jobs for Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Also, it should be competitive enough on a global level. For Start-Up visa programs, the candidates are required to meet certain requirements. 

Requirements for Investors

The applicants must have the following qualifications for the Start-up Visa:

  1. The applicants must have a qualifying business.
  2. The applicant must have a CLB level 5 or above in both, i.e. have knowledge of both English and French. 
  3. The applicant must have a letter of support from a venture capital organization, Angel Investor or business incubator. 
  4. The applicant must have enough money.

2. Entrepreneur Program

Canada encourages Entrepreneurs to apply for this program as entrepreneurs are helpful in creating new jobs in Canada and contributing to the economy of Canada. 

If you are selected under this program, then you will be eligible for permanent residency in Canada. 

Requirements for Entrepreneurs

The applicants must have the following qualifications for the Entrepreneur Program:

  1. The applicants should purchase, establish or make a sustainable investment. The business in which you are investing should be sustainable and should be able to contribute to the Canadian economy. 
  2. The applicant should be actively engaged in business management.
  3. The business should employ a minimum of one Canadian permanent resident or citizen as a full-time worker. 

The applicants are required to report regularly about the progress of the business to the immigration department for this two-year time period. The main purpose of this report is to ensure that all the requirements are being met by the applicants.

3. Self-Employed Persons Program

Foreign nationals who want to purchase a business or want to establish a new business in Canada can apply through this stream. The Federal government always welcomes talented foreign nationals who want to make a significant contribution to Canada’s economy.

Requirements for Self-Employed:

The applicants must have the following qualifications for the Self-Employed person Program:

  1. The applicant must have an experience of a minimum of two years in the past five years related to his business.
  2. The candidates must have the ability to be self-employed in Canada.
  3. The applicants must have a minimum of 35 points, i.e. meet the program’s selection criteria which are based on age, education, experience and language proficiency. 
  4. The applicants should meet the requirements of medical and social security.

4. Business PNP Programs

Most Canadian Provinces have their own Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). These PNPs offer many business programs for immigrants. You can submit the application to invest or start a new business in the province of your choice, and if nominated, you will get additional points on your EE profile. 

Some of the PNPs by Canadian Provinces are British Columbia PNP, Northwest Territories PNP, Manitoba PNP, Nova Scotia PNP, Ontario PNP, Prince Edward Island PNP, Quebec PNP, Saskatchewan PNP and New Brunswick PNP. 

5. Corporate Immigration

This stream is for those who want to expand their business in Canada after successfully starting their business. Through this business category, business corporations of any size, large, medium, or small, can transfer their employees seamlessly across borders.

However, there are vital legal steps which need to be taken when transferring employees to Canada. 


  1. Many business programs 
  2. Different Streams
  3. Economic Growth Support
  4. Stream Categories Vary
  5. Choose Based on Eligibility
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