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CELPIP Testing now available in the UK

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CELPIP is the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program for immigration purposes. Its main purpose is to check the language proficiency for the permanent residency and Canadian citizenship. 

CELPIP is two types of tests with CELPIP General and CELPIP General LS. as we know it’s the first test that is fully computerized and is available in single sitting unlike many who have different speaking sessions. 

Practice Celpip test with Free Samples
Practice Celpip test with Free Samples


The people who are associated with computers all day long, it’s especially beneficial for them as it’s difficult for such people to do the test with pen and paper. 

Many people find it difficult to use pen and paper these days with the increase in computerization in every field. As it’s also a test for permanent residency so the majority of test takers will belong to the work class hence the difficulty of pen and paper. 

The fully computerized test with features like personal timer, spell checker and word counter also give a helping hand to the test takers in tracking the progress of their test.

CELPIP Testing now available in the UK

They can manage the time properly and accordingly with the help of a timer. Also the spell checker helps them in creating strong grammatical structures. The word count also helps them in tracking the length of the passage for the writing section.

The single sitting test is also preferred by many as it’s tiresome to wait for your speaking test after giving the test of the first three modules. Most people are professionals who take this test for permanent residency and they are too busy to take separate tests for any single module. 

IRCC approved this language proficiency test for immigration purposes only. They do not consider this test for student visa. So if you are a student opt for other options.

Most language proficiency tests have four modules which are Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. You have to attempt and pass all the four modules in order to clear the language proficiency test. 

There are many language proficiency tests taken by candidates for different types of visas. These tests mainly include IELTS, PTE, CAEL, TOEFL and CELPIP. Many countries have exam centers for these exams. Some countries have all the tests but in some countries only selected tests are there. 

There are many countries in which CELPIP test centers are available. These countries include: Canada, India, Australia, Nigeria, China, Japan, Singapore, Korea and Philippines. Now the  CELPIP test is also available in the United Kingdom. 

Paragon Testing Enterprise is the official test partner of CELPIP Canada. All the CELPIP tests are conducted under Paragon Testing Enterprise

Paragon Testing Enterprise has announced that the London Exam Center and Prometric Testing London are official test centers in London for CELPIP. 

London Exam Center: London exam center has announced that they are the official test center for CELPIP Canada. CELPIP general is conducted at London Exam center. It’s a single sitting 3 hours test approved by IRCC for permanent residency purposes. 

CELPIP General is a four module test which includes the Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking modules. It’s a fully computerized test. Being fully computerized, it includes a spell checker, timer and a word counter.  

And the results for the test can be available after 8 days of test online. You can check your results online and at a fast pace the results are available 4 to 5 days after the test. 

The cost of the CELPIP General test by the London Exam center is £170 GBP. you can book your CELPIP test by regering on the website. You can choose your test date according to the dates available at the site. The location for the test center is The London Exam Center Tuition House, 27-37 St George’s Road

You need to have a valid ID for registering and sign up on the site for the CELPIP exam. The dates available in the month of October for CELPIP General are: October 21, 2022.

Prometric Testing London: like London Exam Center,  Prometric Testing London is also the official test center for CELPIP Canada. They are officially conducting the CELPIP exam at Prometric Testing – London 2nd Floor, High Holborn House, 52-54 High Holborn. 

The exam fee is the same £170 GBP as the London Test center. The next slot available for the test is November 26, 2022. Book your slot now.


  1. Canadian Language Proficiency Index Program for permanent residency.
  2. Official test partner with Paragon Testing Enterprise.
  3. Available in many countries like India, China, Korea, Philippines, United Arab Emirate.
  4. Now available in the United Kingdom.
  5. London Exam Center and Prometric Testing London are official test centers in London.
  6. The exams fees are  £170 GBP.

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