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Canadian Sponsorship Application Rejection: Top Reasons

Canadian Sponsorship Application Rejection: Top Reasons

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Canadian Sponsorship Application Rejection: Top Reasons: It makes sense to sponsor your spouse, dependant children, and other qualified family members, such as parents or grandparents, for permanent residence in Canada once you have obtained permanent residence there.

Sponsoring a family member for permanent residence is a process that requires time and energy. Knowing the process and sticking to the rules is essential if you don’t want your file to be denied or rejected. Here are six typical explanations for why your sponsorship request can be rejected.

  1. Unsuitable to Sponsor: The fact that you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident does not automatically qualify you to sponsor a member of your family. To be a sponsor, you must meet the minimal requirements. You must be an adult who currently resides in Canada or plans to do so after the sponsorship process is complete.If you are sponsoring someone other than your husband, partner, or dependent children, you must also have earned at least the required amount for the three tax years before the application for sponsorship.Immigration advice: There is no minimum income requirement if you are simply sponsoring your spouse, common-law partner, conjugal partner, or dependent children!The sponsor also needs to be current on all bond, debt, and child support payments to qualify. Additionally, the sponsor must not be receiving social assistance, have a clean criminal background, and have never before failed to meet the fundamental needs of a sponsored family member.
  1. Unsuitable for Sponsorship: The family member who is being sponsored must meet the fundamental eligibility conditions that apply to all applicants for permanent residence. This is to make sure that ineligible people don’t get around criteria and become sponsored by family to live permanently in Canada.Only particular kinds of relatives may be sponsored by a Canadian family.“Can I sponsor my fiance(e)?” is one of the most frequently requested inquiries we receive. A simple no is the response. Engagement alone does not qualify for family sponsorship. With your fiance(e), you might, nevertheless, fit the description of a common-law or conjugal partner. If you don’t, you’ll have to wait until after you’ve been legally wed to seek for sponsorship.Someone who poses a security risk, has violated human rights, has a criminal record that has not been expunged, or those who have criminal records or who have severe health problems may not be eligible to be sponsored by a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. Even those who would normally be qualified to sponsor but whose family member(s) do not meet the conditions for sponsorship are subject to this restriction.
  1. Permanent Resident Living Outside Canada: When the sponsor lives outside of Canada, sponsorship is not allowed. While residents of other countries may start the sponsorship procedure on behalf of Canadian citizens, permanent residents will not be approved because of this. Only if the citizen can demonstrate a desire to settle in Canada once the sponsored family member is granted permanent residency will the application for sponsorship be approved.
  1. Family Members Who Are Not Listed: All members of a person’s family must be listed in the permanent residency application if they are asking for permanent residence. This also applies to any relatives who the applicant does not want to sponsor. If the applicant wants to sponsor the family member in the future, failure to declare them will disqualify them from receiving sponsorship for a permanent residency. This negligence could lead to the rejection of the sponsorship application and the loss of permanent resident status for the sponsor.
  1. Making false statements on an application form: The law mandates that both the sponsor and the sponsored family members must present accurate information in the sponsorship application. The application will be rejected if there is any misrepresentation, whether it is unintentional or intentional.You must take care to ensure the information provided to the immigration authorities is true, accurate, and supported by necessary documentary evidence because the process necessitates thorough submissions related to information about yourself such as your name, address, date of birth, relationship status, income, medical history, results of any required tests, and a character reference. If you do this, your application will have a lower chance of getting rejected.
  1. Convenience-Based Marriage: Although it is permissible for citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their foreign spouse or partner, any such application will be thoroughly reviewed to avoid cases of marriage fraud. The application form requests specific data about the sponsor’s relationship with his or her husband or partner, including when the relationship began, a description of the marriage ceremony, and additional criteria for evaluating the sincerity of the cooperation.Contrary to other reasons for rejection, marriage of convenience is not a criteria that can be applied universally or objectively. If the immigration official has any questions or concerns, the application must include enough proof that the relationship is real. Ensure that your spousal sponsorship application does not contain any common red flags that immigration authorities check for.

Why You Should Hire an Immigration expert for Canadian Sponsorship application?

It can be difficult to analyze the eligibility standards to decide whether you are qualified to sponsor or be sponsored. What qualifies as a serious illness or a conviction for a crime? Do you lose eligibility if you have even a minor DUI offense?

How can you demonstrate to the immigration official that your relationship with your spouse or partner is sincere? How can you prevent unintentional errors from being interpreted as misrepresentation?

By allowing your spouse, dependent children, or other eligible relatives to live and thrive in a developed nation, you can improve the quality of your stay in Canada while also assisting Canada in attracting deserving permanent residents who want to contribute to the country’s welfare.

The simplest and safest method to reduce the likelihood that your sponsorship application will be rejected or take unnecessarily long is to seek help from a reputable and experienced attorney.


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  2. Outlanders can’t sponsor.
  3. All family members must be listed.
  4. False claims lead to rejection.
  5. Marriage Authenticity.
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