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Celpip Exam Listening Tasks: Just like Reading Section, the listening section gives you opportunity to guess, in case, you don’t know the right answer, because you don’t need to write anything, rather it will give you options to choose or guess. Now let’s talk about listening section in detail. The listening test is about 50 minutes long and there are 6 parts in the listening test. You have around 6 minutes to listen to each passage and answer the right question.

The Celpip Exam Listening Tasks consists of one practice test and 6 Parts:

Practice Test
Part 1: Listening to Problem Solving.
Part 2: Listening to Daily Life Conversation.
Part 3: Listening for Information.
Part 4: Listening to a News Item.
Part 5: Listening to a Discussion.
Part 6: Listening to View Points.

Practice test:  Practice test consists of One audio question and 4 options to select the relevant answer to the audio question. Now let’s take an example, let’s see there is audio as follows:

“ Unfortunately Sam missed the office party last night ”, in the given audio we may be given four options like

Option 1: Sam didn’t attend office party.
Option 2: Sam like to attend the party again.
Option 3: The office party was cancelled.
Option 4: The office party wasn’t good.

Now, out of these options first one is most relevant, Sam didn’t attend the office party.

Part 1: Listening to Problem Solving:
In part 1, there are around 8 questions and this part is divided into 3 sections. In first section, there is an audio conversation between two people and then questions are asked based on this conversation. Question 1, 2, 3, are based on first audio conversation. Then again the conversation is continued and again 3 questions are asked. Once again conversation is played in continuation to ask last 2 questions.

In Listening to Problem solving part, we have seen mostly questions are asked based on directions, for example, if somebody is asking for directions to reach at particular place, they will ask questions like, “ Do you know where pizza hut is”? And in response to this question somebody will guide them. Hence direction questions and responses forms a conversation for part one that is listening to a problem solving.

Part 2: Listening to Daily Life Conversation:
In part 2, listening to daily life conversation, you will again hear a conversation between two people. The conversation audio is about 1.5 to 2 minutes long. Based on this conversation, around 5 questions are asked, with multiple choice answers to select from.

Part 3: Listening for Information:
In this part, there is an audio conversation of around 2 to 2.5 minutes and then, based on this conversation, around 6 questions are asked. In this particular part, there is a conversation where questions are asked on a particular subject so basically, students need to focus on all the information given in this conversation and then answer 6 questions which are based on informative conversation. Conversation may be on a variety of subjects like science and research or anything informative about which you may or may not know anything.

CELPIP EXAM: About Listening Exam

Part 4: Listening to a News Item:
In this part, there is an audio of a news item, which is around 1.5 minutes long and then 5 questions will appear with drop-down menus to select the most relevant options, as per the news item. Each question will have 4 options in each drop down, which can be selected using mouse left click.

Part 5: Listening to a Discussion:
In this part, students are supposed to watch a video which is around 2 minutes long and then, 8 questions are asked based on the video discussion. Just like part 4, each question will have drop-down menus to select the most relevant answer as per the information provided in the discussion video.

Part 6: Listening to View Points:
In this part, you will hear an audio on some news report, with view on a particular issue or a problem. The audio is around 3 minutes long and after listening to the viewpoints, you are supposed to answer 6 questions, that will appear with drop-down values to select from the most relevant answer to the given questions.

In Listening part don’t expect explicit reference, mean you will not find direct answers to the questions, rather you infer, When you infer, you listen closely to someone and guess at things they mean but haven’t actually said. You may know the whole Celpip Test Format


  1. CELPIP Listening Module: Options selection
  2. Guessing when uncertain
  3. Test duration: 50 minutes
  4. 6 minutes per passage
  5. 6 test parts
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