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celpip exam speaking task

Celpip Exam Speaking Task: We all know CELPIP test is for testing our abilities to read, write, listen to understand and finally our speaking abilities to convey feelings to others. Today we will discuss the Celpip Exam Speaking Task.

In Speaking Task there are eight tasks along with one Practice task. Here is the list of all the tasks :

Speaking Task 1: Giving Advice.

Speaking Task 2: Talking about a Personal Experience.

Speaking Task 3: Describing a Scene.

Speaking Task 4: Making Predictions.

Speaking Task 5: Comparing and Persuading.

Speaking Task 6: Dealing with a Difficult Situation.

Speaking Task 7: Expressing Opinions.

Speaking Task 8: Describing an Unusual Situation.

Total time for Celpip Exam Speaking Task is 20 minutes. It is advisable to keep track of the time you spend on each part, so that you may attempt all the eight parts.

You will get around 30 seconds to prepare and read the question. The moment you start the test and see your question, your preparation time will start.

So read the question carefully and think about the answer you going to speak in those 30 seconds.

Total time to speak on a particular question will also be displayed on the screen. When you hear “Start Speaking Now”, your recording will be on and you should start speaking then. 

After the allocated time is over, you will hear “Time is up”, so stop talking at this moment, because nothing will be recorded after that and you will move to the next question. You will see the blue bar on the screen which will indicate how much time you have used for answering the given question.

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The test starts with one practice question. Read the practice question carefully and prepare for your answer. You will get 30 seconds to read the question and 60 seconds to record your planned answer.

Now let’s discuss all these parts one by one.

Speaking Task 1: Giving Advice 

In this task you will be giving advice to your friend, your family member or someone who is known to you, to help him/her take a good decision for the given problem.

For example, you may be asked to advise your younger brother to choose the best college for higher studies. To answer this you will speak for 90 seconds, informing your brother about the different colleges and their importance and specialty. You must keep eye on the blue bar to keep track of time and try to speak for full 90 seconds.

Speaking Task 2: Talking about a Personal Experience

Task 2 needs you to speak about your personal experience. Again you will get 30 seconds to read and plan answer and you will again speak for around 90 seconds.

For example, You may be asked to speak about the great time you had with your family members or your friends. You may talk about the vocational tour to someplace outside the country or you may speak about the party you had with your friends. You should speak what happened in that particular event and why you still remember that till date.

Speaking Task 3: Describing a Scene

In this task, you will be given a picture depicting some scene. It may be a classroom or some park with some people engaged in some kind of activities. Now you will speak to describe the picture in such a way that anyone can understand the details of the picture.

You should describe the elements of the picture in full detail, giving a clear view of all the elements of the picture including their position in the picture, their color, explaining what is in front, what is in the back.

Speaking Task 4: Making Predictions

Making predictions task again provide you with a picture, to understand what is going on in that particular picture and then predict the possibilities.

Let’s take an example here, let’s say there is a picture of lion approaching a deer which is drinking water, at a water hole in a jungle. Now you will speak about the possibilities like if the lion will be able to catch the prey or prey will be alerted about the presence of a lion.

CELPIP Exam : About Speaking Task

Speaking Task 5: Comparing and Persuading 

Comparing and Persuading task is a task for speaking on two option you have for comparison and persuading your friends or family members to go for the option of your choice.

You may be given two pictures of houses to compare and persuade your family members to agree to your choice of house. Another example may be of two carrier options, now will speak to persuade your friends why you preferring one option over the others after comparing the two given options.

In this section you will get 60 seconds instead of 30 seconds, to read the question and understand the data given in the pictures. You will get another 60 seconds to record your answer.

Speaking Task 6: Dealing with a Difficult Situation

This task will give you a situation where two or more people or parties well known to you,  will be involved in some unwanted situation. You will choose to speak to either of the parties to convince them to resolve the issue.

For example, Your younger sister and brother both want you to visit their respective places but you can’t afford to visit both of them. You will need to speak to either your brother or sister to convince them why you not coming to them.

This task will again give you 60 second of preparation time and 60 seconds of recording time. So read carefully and decide to the party to speak with keeping in mind you have to speak for the given time and you have sufficient material to speak about.

Speaking Task 7: Expressing Opinions

Expressing Opinions Task number seven will ask for your opinion on the given problem. This task will give you 30 second to read a question and prepare yourself for the answer.

You will record for 90 seconds in this particular task. Keep one thing in mind, whatever your opinion is about the given subject, you must give reasons in favor of your thoughts. You must explain why you think in a particular way.

Best way to score in the Celpip Exam Speaking Task is to give your opinion clearly and try to give it in the first passage or the starting lines.

Keep one thing in mind, this is a test for your English proficiency not about your philosophy or views. Your answer should start in such a way that depicts clearly that you are in favor or against the given statement.

Speaking Task 8: Describing an Unusual Situation

This is the last task for the CELPIP speaking test. In this task, you be given a strange picture and you will describe the picture. You may get pictures of strange animals, strange vehicles or strange furniture pieces or even strange costumes.

This is the most difficult of all the speaking tests because pictures used in this test are really strange and you will find yourself out of words to explain these pictures.

You will explain each every minute details in such a way that the person on the other end should understand the picture or situation you are speaking about.

This test will give you 30 seconds to prepare, which is really a short time for this particular task making it the most difficult task. It is almost like speaking without preparing.

Finally, I’d like to give you a tip for the speaking task. You must keep your calm, because most of the time when people start reading questions, they get upset on hearing “Start Speaking now”.

We advise practicing all tasks number of times, in order to read and understand pictures fast and improve your response time. A second most important thing is, try to avoid pause or words like “ahh”, “uhh” etc.

You should speak with confidence and in the scope of the question to get good score.

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