Is it easy to get permanent residency in Australia as an international student?


permanent residency in australia

Is it easy to get Permanent Residency in Australia: Yes, if you graduate from good Australian College or University, it’s easier for you to get Australian PR, as compared to those applying for PR, directly from their native countries.

But the overall scenario is international students are finding it difficult to get PR in Australia these days. Australia is looking to bring in skilled workers through its Immigration program, especially for permanent visas.

For some people getting Australian PR is just like counting 1,2,3

1. Get your graduate degree from Australia.

2. Apply for Temporary graduate Visa.

3. Find an employer who is willing to sponsor you.

But in reality, it is not that easy. That is the reason why many students who actually studied in Australian colleges are planning to move to other places.

Canada is on their top priority. Canada recognizes their educational degrees and allows them to apply for Canadian PR. If you are one of them, start preparing for your flight today, by joining, 100% Canadian Test for English proficiency test.

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Why is it becoming difficult to get permanent residency in Australia these days?

There is no doubt about it, amazingly Australia is getting the maximum number of immigration applications to get Permanent Residency in Australia when compared to the rest of the world.

On one side applicants, the number is increasing, on the other side, the number of berths for them is decreasing.

Let me quote an example of Skilled visa, especially the 189 subclass against 2500 applications in previous years, the government is inviting less than 800, in the current year.

Australian government introduced TSS, i.e. temporary Skill Shortage visa, replacing popular 457 skilled visa category.

Now temporary visas are not meant for PR, we know that. One more thing age limit which earlier used to be 49 years, is now lowered to 45 years.


Is it easy to get permanent residency in Australia as an international student?

Another important factor is increasing local population. Now for more people, you need more space and resources, so the government is changing policies to manage their own residents first, putting extra pressure on the immigrants. Increasing population directly increase the unemployment rate, which is around 5.8% as per official figures available.

Global political scenarios are also showing their effects on Australian Immigration policies. Donald trumps policies specially for skilled people like those on H1B visas, is forcing them to consider new destinations like Australia and Canada.

These people are used to the western living style, so moving back to their native places is not a good idea for them. Some have children born and brought up in these countries, so they are used to different type of schooling and environment.

Let’s sum up factors as below:

1. Age limit of a maximum of 45 years

2. Global political changes in countries like USA and UK

3. Australian 457 skilled visa abolished and the introduction of TSS


  1. Earlier Students who get an education from Australia get easy permanent residency as compared to those who apply directly.
  2. But currently, it is not as good as it was earlier.
  3. Australia wants skilled workers as permanent residents as compared to international students.
  4. With increasing applications, the available berth numbers decreased.
  5. With the increasing local population, Govt. puts its citizens first. 
  6. The age limit has also been decreased to 45 years from 49 years.

Note: There are frequent changes Australia Immigration rules and requirements, like eligibility criteria, Language proficiency score, educational qualification required, age criteria and even fees.

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